Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fun in the Queue

Walt Disney World is filled with hidden secrets - I love to share many that I have found (or research weekly!) with the Window Wednesday series.  Some of the special details pop up in unexpected places.  For example - the Writer's Stop Cafe, though no longer a symbol of the 90's ABC sitcom "Ellen," there are still details that can be seen of that time period.

Around Disney's Hollywood Studios, some of these old details can still be found.  We found one in the queue to meet Buzz and Woody in Pixar Place:

No, no, not the 'mutant' toy from the first Toy Story movie - the Binford tool box!  Who else remembers Home Improvement?  

This queue also has a lot of great photo ops, to get ready to join the toys on Andy's bed!

My very own Prospector!
And then, once you get through the toy boxes:


  1. I've always love the Binford Tool Box hidden in Toy Story!

  2. I too like how #Disney hides parts of other movies or shows in their movies.

  3. We've never been through this queue! Love Toy Story - neat pix!

  4. Great TV show! I love the Disney details through the queues!