Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Great Start

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse
On Marathon Sunday (January 2012), we excitedly arrived early at the Magic Kingdom to see my favorite rope drop.  We had made plans to meet Melissa and her fam there and with the several times I've just missed it, I tend to leave earlier than later!

Our first cool experience happened on our way to the TTC - as we were driving in, we noticed we were passing mile 7 on the left - tons of runners going strong... then, on our right, we saw 2 separate people.  2.  One keeping pace with the bicycle pacers and the other not far off.  Checking his number later, that 2nd person came in 4th or 5th.  Pretty awesome and inspiring to see people like that so close to the end!

Next, we arrived at the TTC early enough to park for free thanks to the marathon viewers!  I wasn't sure what roads would be closed and delays, so we were there by 7:30 am for a 9 am park opening.  Of course, we parked in a lot I had never parked in and we realized that, because of the race course, we couldn't simply walk into the TTC to grab the monorail like we usually do.  Instead, we were directed to buses parked at the side of the lot.  We arrived just in time to catch a completely full bus about to depart.  And, as we boarded the bus, who did we see?  Melissa and her family!  What are the odds?  They were staying on property, but like us, prefer to drive to the parks instead of taking the Disney buses!

All together, we arrived at TTC and boarded the monorail to watch the Rope Drop - our first day of park touring and their last.

Unfortunately, the rope drop was a shortened show - no train, no 'Good Morning' medley, nothing!  Sad, right?

Though, I do love seeing talking Mickey up there on the podium!  I still can't wait to be able to meet talking Mickey.  Hopefully someday we'll be that lucky!

Well, once the park opened, we walked in on the left side and noticed all the characters coming down the stairs - we were up close and personal with several friendly ones, though Mickey was quickly shooed away from sight!

And then, one of the friendly singers - I'm not sure what they're known as - stopped by to say good morning to Noah!

He was so friendly and welcoming and it was definitely a wonderful start to another wonderful and magic-filled day!

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