Thursday, February 9, 2012


I mentioned in yesterday's Window Wednesday that we met Pluto in the Magic Kingdom - our first day of park touring and we just happened to see Pluto.

At 2, Pluto is pretty high up on Noah's list of favorite characters, so even with a few people in line ahead of us, we knew we had to wait!  Noah learned the phrase "wait your turn" early on during this trip and actually was pretty decent at waiting.  Or, more accurately, he ran around with his dad while I waited in line!

Pluto was meeting his friends at the Main Street Fire Station - soon to be home to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom:

Engine Co. 71 - for the Park opening in 1971!

Being his first character of the trip.. actually, just being a two year old, Noah walked up hesitantly..  Pluto is amazing in that he gets down on all fours to greet his friends:

Then he got a little closer..

And then he showed some love!

And couldn't look away long enough to smile for the camera!

How can you not love Pluto?

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