Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time to Celebrate!

Yesterday, I received this email from an old college friend:
Hey there! We are taking Melanie to Disney for a week for her 2nd birthday in April. Is there anything special that Disney does for birthdays? I thought you would be the best person to ask.  Thanks! 
Perfect present for a 2nd birthday!  Nothing is as amazing, in my opinion, than Walt Disney World and celebrating anything there is magical.  Birthdays are my favorite - I've celebrated several there!

1st things 1st - When you check in at the resort or head to buy your tickets, make sure to get a "Happy Birthday" button.   If you don't want to let a 2 year old wear a button, no worries - pin it to her stroller or dress her in birthday clothes - Cast Members go out of their way to say Happy Birthday and help you celebrate.  It takes a fun and exciting day and turns it up a notch!  **There have also been many reports of extra special decorations in resort rooms when a birthday is mentioned.  No guarantees, but worth a shot!**

2nd - When booking dining and room reservations, make sure to let them know you're celebrating!  I've read stories of room decorations, extra magical birthday wish phone calls, and more!  For dining reservations, most restaurants will sing and bring out a cupcake - not all, but many!
My birthday Cupcake 6/19/2010
3rd - If you want to add a little extra - Disney has several options you can add - birthday cakes!!  Check out their special customized options you can add to your vacation to make the memories even better!

What do you celebrate at Walt Disney World?


  1. Great post, Jenn! Thanks for writing it, and linking to my site!

  2. What great hints for anyone going to the park for the first time...

  3. Thanks for the tips! Celebrating birthdays at Disney World is definitely awesome!

  4. Great post! Great info in a short and sweet post. Fun, helpful info, but right to the point. I like it!