Thursday, March 29, 2012

Extinct Attractions - Discovery Island

Located in Bay Lake is a small island - I'm not positive, but pretty sure I heard somewhere - it's the island that Walt himself originally saw and thought "that's it" - his spot for the East coast version of Disneyland.

Of course, upon further inspection, the land was far too small to be anything major, but it originally opened in 1974 as Treasure Island, renamed Discovery Island - a place to go and observe wildlife.

When Disney's Animal Kingdom opened up in 1999, the animals were moved there and this particular Discovery Island closed.  They have paid homage to this particular attraction by naming one of the Land's at DAH "Discovery Island," but this island has been uninhabited and left out to dry for nearly 13 years now.

According to rumors (mostly coming from Jim Hill), there have been many ideas of what to turn this island into - seems silly to just waste time.  My favorite?  A LOST adventure..  You know, Lost.  That amazing ABC show that Disney never used to it's advantage..  Just like this island - so much potential sitting empty.  Only time will tell if/when they will take advantage of this great piece of land again!
Img from Lost Wiki
Unfortunately, I never made it to Discovery Island.  I would love to hear stories from those who have - hopefully in a more legal visit that this blogger.


  1. I did get to go to Discovery Island once. I had an afternoon on my own and really enjoyed it. Quiet, away from the bustle of the parks. The paths weren't too wide so it felt like I was really close to everything. Saw a fishing cat, an amazing amount of birds, the small vet hospital, a huge tortoise. I really liked it.

  2. I went to Discovery Island many times in the 70's and 80's with my family. Back then, a ticket to DI could be bought as a combo ticket with River Country. Since we stayed in Fort Wilderness, this made the perfect day. Hit River Country in the morning, have lunch, go over to Discovery Island and finish the afternoon at River Country. I remember the big tortoise, lots of birds in the aviary, flamingos, and parrots that cast members would put on your arms for pictures. Discovery Island reminds me of the old days at Disney World where things didn't seem as rushed and the crowds weren't massive like they are today. Maybe that was just my perspective as a kid!