Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Guest Post: Mom's Need to Rest!

As I'm now 34 weeks pregnant and constantly exhausted, I thought this would be a perfect time to share an article from one of my readers, who also happens to be a fantastic writer!

Please welcome back Gaylin for another great post!

Mom’s need to rest

I have only gone to WDW with other adults and we are pretty good at asking for a rest or a snack break when needed. I have only had a couple of mini-meltdowns, which were easily cured with 20 minutes of bench rest and ice cream.

Today I am going to give out a wee bit of advice to mom’s at Disney World. Take a break! I have seen too many mother’s in near melt downs or being unreasonable to their tired children because they are not acknowledging that they themselves are tired, hungry or thirsty. Also, when you put sunscreen on your child, remember yourself as well!

Remember, if your child needs a break, there is a good chance you do as well. Your toddler can rest in the stroller, you can’t. Grab a bench, grab a snack and take some time. Look around and enjoy where you are! Your fastpass will wait until after it expires to be used. A cold drink and rested feet will keep you from expiring.

Another situation I see far too often is overloaded mom’s. Two or three or 4 kids, a double stroller, a backpack, bags hanging off the stroller and mom is exhausted. Where is dad? Meandering away with camera in hand and family forgotten. Dad’s, when at WDW it is time to take the load off of mom. Carry a bag, push the stroller, hold a hand. You will still get to take enough photos, maybe 300 instead of 700 . . .

If you realize going into a Disney World vacation that you will not be able to do it all but will be able to do and enjoy what you do get to do a lot more if you stay rested and fed and yes, happy.

So Moms need take care of themselves as well!

Yes, she slept through the entire parade!

Is A Small World his favorite ride? He slept right through it.

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  1. Super moms unite! This is terrific advice- wish I had taken it when my kids were young... If all else fails, you can get a good rest in about 20 years!!! :)))