Thursday, March 15, 2012

Talk about Plussed Up!

Walt Disney used to say the phrase "plussed up" for experiences - taking the Magic to the next level.  Yes, there are great rides and shows, but there is more to Disney Magic than what meets the eye.

We headed to the Jambo House for our amazing dinner at Jiko - a Signature restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.  I had heard from many sources (including a favorite - Disney Food Blog) that it was absolutely one of the best meals on property, so of course we had to try it.

We loved our dinner experience, but enjoyed our date night and spent a few extra minutes walking around the resort after our meal.

That night, we truly experienced and witnessed some of these amazing extras.  My favorite:
Free night vision goggles at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.
My husband and his night vision goggles!
I've even heard if you're staying at the Lodge, you can have the goggles brought to your room - a private viewing!

Different times of year, you may have to wait, but when we walked up, we were there alone with the Cast Member - from Africa - who even helped us find all the different animals walking around the "Savannah."

That same night, we also happened upon the outdoor movie they were playing behind the pool!  They set up an inflatable movie theater and a dozen or so people were enjoying Tarzan (I think!).  I've heard this is standard at many of the resorts, but I had never seen it before - pretty awesome to me that they think of something like that!
All of this was located behind the pool - across from the seemingly awesome playground!  We found out the hard way - when trying to kill some time at the Grand Floridian - that not all of the resorts have playgrounds.  For future reference, I won't forgot this playground.  Between all the plusses and having the animals right there, I think this may be one of the most child friendly resorts - I absolutely want to stay there in the near future!

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