Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Window Wednesday!

Project Detective Agency
Private Investigators
We Never Sleep
Ed Bullard

Ed Bullard was the Head of WDW Security

Other than that info, all I learned this week is that Disney needs to do some serious repainting of some of these windows!!The only way I found out what this one said was thanks to google and finding the window on other websites!  

But, I do think that hat is pretty neat, don't you?

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Focused on the Magic


  1. Lol! I noticed that too. Some of the paint has definitely faded.

  2. Love the Sherlock Holmes hat. You are such a great window detective, finding out all this interesting info! It must take a lot of Disney magic to keep up with all of the windows.

  3. Very cool, but your right they need to update. I couldn't read lol

  4. You've found a neat niche here, girl ... when does the coffee table book come out?

    Seriously - I think these neat Window Wednesdays and their stories would make a very cool Disney book. (Or is there one already?)

  5. Mandas Disney Blog!March 15, 2012 at 6:34 AM

    No way! That's pretty cool! :D x