Thursday, April 5, 2012

Disney Over the Years

Epcot June 2010
Traveling to WDW with a 6 month old, we knew that Noah wouldn't remember anything from the trip.  We went knowing that we would have a lot of fun together.  We also knew that it would be a chance for our son and our family friends daughter to spend some time together.  Living in Virginia with them in Louisiana, we stand very little chance of having our children play together regularly.  But, when they get together, we have fun making it memorable - at Walt Disney World.

Judges Tent - January 2011
At 13 months, we figured that approximately the same type of trip would happen.  Noah wouldn't remember much of the trip (if any), but that we would again have another great vacation.  Plus, all these trips to Florida allow time spent with my parents - not the best travelers, but I make them take the few hour drive up to Orlando when we fly down.

And again, we make great memories, take fun pictures, and enjoy spending time together.  All the while, Noah eats, sleeps, and plays for free.

At 18 months, I was more hopeful that he would be excited.  At 6 and 13 months, he was an observer - taking in the World, but mainly in awe, not really with the giddy excitement that I personally have.  Unfortunately, for the most part, 18 months was about the same.

Except with the water play at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  He had so much fun and that video is still one of my favorite home movies to watch!  He wasn't scared of anything, but still just observed instead of actively being involved in the trip.  And again, nothing stood out - he didn't have any specific memories or ask to meet any specific characters.

At 25 months, the trip changed a little.

1st - Fear.  Peter Pan's Flight we heard the word "scared" for the first time.
- Meeting Winnie the Pooh (just Pooh - none of the other characters and we met several of them!) was problematic.  He clung to me and refused to go near him!

2nd - Memories - He remembers.  He rode Dumbo the first day (and last day it was open before it closed to be renovated and moved to Storybook Circus) and loved it.  He kept asking to ride Dumbo again and then remembered "Dumbo broken"

3rd - Interactive - He willingly walked up with open arms to give Pluto a hug!  He loved Pluto.  He found Pluto a few times and those pictures and memories are fantastic!
**Also - he was so excited to see and ride on the Walt Disney World Railroad - and even enjoyed saying "All Aboard" over the intercom!  What an experience for a 2 year old!!

4th - He asks to go back!  Now that we're home, he asks to watch "Good Morning" (the Magic Kingdom Rope Drop show) and says "I want to go there!"
- When we see a water tower, he says "Epcot" and a tall building (usually a big fancy church) I hear "Disney"
I can't wait to see what 3 brings - other than park ticket fees!

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