Monday, April 2, 2012

Movie Fun - Toy Story

I realized recently, as I was trying to organize (nesting much?) this little blog here, that I never finished off my list of movie trivia - finding all the Easter Eggs (hidden jokes) in the Pixar Movies.  I shocked myself when I realized I never even posted about all the eggs in the original - Toy Story (1995!)
Family Fun - June 2011
If you want to see the other ones (or see my other Disney trivia), follow that cool link up top that says "Trivia" or simply click here.
Image from Pixar Wiki

  • Pizza Planet - The originator of this restaurant that has been mentioned in pretty much every Pixar movie since!
  • Luxo Ball - The now famous Luxo Ball bounces down the hallway in Andy's house as Sarge is helping a fallen soldier!
  • A 113 - honoring the infamous classroom at Cal Arts that many of the famous animators learned in - here, it's the license plate number on Andy's mom's minivan
  • John Ratzenberger - Cliff from Cheers - has been called "Pixar's good luck charm" by John Lasseter himself - has had a voice part in every Pixar movie - he's Hamm (the piggy bank) in the Toy Story movies!
  • Dinoco - the goal sponsor of Lightning McQueen in Cars originated in Toy Story - it's the gas station!  That's where Buzz and Woody are left behind!
Since this movie in 1995, many parts of this movie are quoted in other movies.  And, tributes to other movies are featured as the movies go on!  Enjoy looking!

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