Monday, April 23, 2012

A Possible Change of Plans!

For the past two years, we've taken an amazing family trip to Walt Disney World for their annual Marathon Weekend.  We've loved the events, the crowds, the weather - it's been fantastic.  And, we do hope to continue the tradition...
My hubby and me - post half marathon - January 2011
Unfortunately, it seems as though there may be a kink in our plans for 2013!  2012 was a change already, due to my pregnancy - I ran the 5k instead of the half, but Adam still enjoyed the half and I enjoyed watching!

Now, the past 2 years, Marathon Weekend has been the 1st full weekend of January.  2013, it's going to be the 2nd.  This is better for crowds, but not for me...  why? 

Inauguration! I've mentioned my job on occasion - I'm in a military band - and we happen to be a big part of the Inauguration.  My first, 2008, we started the day with the parade and finished up the evening with a ball.  A very cool experience, however, we potentially have rehearsal the Sunday of marathon weekend which I wouldn't be able to miss - which either means we fly back the day of the race or postpone until later..
Inauguration Day was VERY cold!
So, now we're thinking we'll be there Princess Marathon Weekend!  I sadly won't be able to be a part of the 'big group' of the Magical Blogorail Running Team, though I'll still proudly wear our shirt and help raise money for Autism Speaks, but I may miss out on meeting some awesome people!

I think I may have talked my husband into running in a tutu :)  May be worth it!  I have no definite plans and I'm slightly hopeful that I'll be able to actually make Marathon Weekend, but if you're there in February, I may see you then!

Who's running with me?


  1. Awww...Jenn that is so sad. I feel your disappointment when reading this.

  2. Definitely not too happy with it - was hoping to meet some great blogger friends... but, nothing I can do if I have to work! Hopefully Princess Weekend will be fun, too!

  3. Boo! I was looking forward to meeting you. I guess it just means we have to put another meet together. :) PS Your job is pretty cool.

  4. I would love to run the Princess! Maybe I can convince Ruth to move our trip in January to February to do the Princess. And seeing Adam running in a tutu= totally worth it! haha!