Friday, April 13, 2012

Preparing for Number Two

Due on the 18th, we've been trying to prepare Noah for the arrival of "baby brother."  We started early with a book called "I'm a Big Brother Now," which was highly recommended.. somewhere.

As we get closer, we have the baby room pretty much ready to go, the pack 'n play (bassinet) set up and ready to go, clothes washed, etc...  I'm sure many of you know the drill..   But, I worry about how my son will feel.  After all, he's been the center of our world practically for over 2 years now, and that is all about to change.  
He looks so tiny!

One tip a parent gave us was to buy a present for the baby from Noah.  I loved that, so we asked him "Noah, what do you want to give baby brother?"  His response stayed the same for several months "Nemo."

His Nemo plush, purchased on his first trip in June 2010, has been one of his favorite toys for as long as I can remember.  He has at least 5 plush Mickeys, a Minnie, Thumper, Dumbo, etc... but Nemo is the one that is consistently on his bed at night.  There was a time when they were all on his bed - leaving no room for him, but luckily he is over that.  But, Nemo remains.

And now, he chose that same Nemo (though not officially Disney Parks, it's the exact same toy.  Thank you Amazon!) for his baby brother!  When it arrived in the mail today, he was so excited, gave it a hug, and put it in the crib.  

Now if only I could go into labor...

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  1. Danya Sanchez BroussardApril 13, 2012 at 11:43 PM

    That is so sweet. It made me want to cry. Why do kids have to be so sweet and cute?