Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things I'll Probably Never Do

*I'm hoping by the time this article is posted, I'll be the mom of 2 boys.. trying to get ahead while I have time!  But, as I'm writing this, I'm still pregnant and waiting!*

My husband and I are comfortable stopping after this pregnancy.  Two boys is enough for us.  My husband is the youngest of 3 boys and I'm pretty sure that if we tried for 3, no matter how much "planning" we would do, the 3rd would be a boy.  Not like that's terrible, but we're happy stopping with 2 kids.

I do LOVE my Disney boy!
But, having only boys leaves me with a few Disney dreams that I'll probably never get to live!

1st - Bibbity Bobbity Boutique - This overpriced Princess Makeover always seemed amazing.  Honestly, I always feel bad for the little girls that come out it with that tight bun on top of their heads, but they seem so happy that they are princesses.

Luckily, we enjoy the Harmony Barber Shop and it's only $15 for a haircut!  Or maybe one day we'll do a Pirate makeover... I did see 2 brothers dressed up once as Peter Pan and Captain Hook.  I would be okay with that!

2nd- Cinderella's Royal Table - Okay, it doesn't say anywhere that I can't take my sons to the overpriced Princess meal at CRT, but it really is just that: an over priced Princess Meal.  I ate their twice in college - before it had characters for dinner - and loved being in the castle.  My 2 year old has no interest in princesses - I've tried the movies, he gets bored in under 5 minutes and asks for Cars!  So, maybe my boys can treat me for a birthday or something in the future.  But, I doubt it will be high on our priority list!

Instead - I would love to take my boys out to Disney's California Adventure to explore Radiator Springs, opening this June!  We're currently planning to take that adventure (and our first DLR trip) in 3 years!

3rd - Mother/daughter Princess tea at the Grand Floridian - This tea looks lovely! Sigh!  Maybe one day, one of my sons will marry a Disney girl and I can take a daughter-in-law.. or join Melissa and her girls there.

As of right now - most of the 'extras' seem to be geared towards little girls... Luckily, there is plenty to see and due included with the high cost of admission.  We'll save our extras for the water parks, mini golf courses, and whatever else may come around!

One thing I am looking forward to?  Pirate Cruises!  Many of the resorts have these cruises - for children 4-12 without their parents for a tour around the different resorts and lakes!  Love this idea!

Have you tried any of these?  What am I missing as a mom of *soon to be 2* boys?


  1. Melissa_FillingOurBucketApril 19, 2012 at 9:10 AM

    I'm a boy mom too and it makes me a little sad that I won't get to do some of those extras that are geared towards girls. But, I've been doing a pretty good job of making sure that the little guy is a huge Disney fan, so like you we'll have fun without them!!

    And DL and Radiator Springs will be a MUST do for us in the future too!!

  2. I am with you. Most of the time I don't mind not being parted with my money for the girl stuff but I would love to do tea with a little girl!

  3. Someday our family will take a trip to Disney and you can join my girls and me for all the princess indulgences!

  4. I love this post Jenn! Super sweet! While I have 3 children DD14, DS7 and daughter has no interest at all in princesses and neither do the boys but we still do the castle...I just have As far as BBB I can do that stuff myself like the back of my hand...I am a dance Great post!

  5. Aren't Handy Manny and Chuggington Disney characters? WDW needs to find a way to create something for boys (and girls that aren't into princesses).

  6. You are not missing anything. I only had boys. My oldest son and his wife are pregnant with a girl and I will be taking my granddaughter in a couple of years. Enjoy your boys-they grow up way too fast.