Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disney Savings Plan

Does anyone else love Pinterest as much as I do?  I'm sure many of you do.  It has caught on and is apparently the fastest growing social media outlet ever!  (Follow my Disney pins here!)

Well, last night as I was perusing the popular items, I found one that I loved from the online store Uncommon Goods:
Dream Bank

For only $25, you can buy this ready made box and add your own picture of whatever you're saving up for.

Or, you can buy a shadowbox at a crafts store (or a store like HomeGoods), add your favorite picture of Cinderella Castle (or your favorite Weenie, as Walt would have said. Yes, Walt called the monuments or attractions that would draw you to an area a Weenie.  When I find out why, I'll share that with you!)
I can't wait to have this picture as a family of 4!

Carve a slot on the top/side to add drop your extra pennies/gift cards, etc... and save up!  Talk about a fun way to have a Disney savings account!

I'll be making one of these.. eventually.. when I actually have time to do crafts again!  And then, I'll share that with you, too!

Do you have any fun ways to save your Disney money?


  1. Jenn @ Middle of MommyhoodJune 12, 2012 at 9:26 PM

    I know why he called it a Weenie! You know in older cartoons, they'd show someone holding a hot dog on a fishing pole in front of an animal to keep it moving in the direction they wanted? Like a dog chasing a weenie on a fishing pole? That's why! Those monuments keep you moving where you're intended to go...the castle, the hat, the tree of life, SSE...you keep on moving toward it!

  2. I also love pinterest and am now following you! :) I'm definitely getting myself a dream bank and saving up for WDW!