Friday, June 8, 2012

Extinct Attractions!

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Many of my childhood memories are incredibly vague, especially those from Walt Disney World.  We visited every so often, but the details are fuzzy.  However, I do remember loving Delta Dreamflight.

Located where Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blaster currently resides, Delta Dreamflight, once "If you Had Wings," "If You Could Fly," or simply "Dreamflight" was part of an obvious sponsorship with Delta Airlines (anyone else remember that partnership?).  But, it was also a peaceful and happy ride!

A basic omnimover attraction, this ride had riders sitting in an airplane, flying through a pop-up book of beautiful scenery.  I wish I remembered more, but I just remember loving it.  Of course, I love Buzz Lightyear, so I've accepted the change, but I still wish I could ride it!  The you-tube video doesn't really help me much!

The other attraction that I think many miss?  Horizons.  I had to look it up a few years ago (before I really became engrossed in the Disney community).  Proposed as a sequel to The Carousel of Progress, this ride was more of a futuristic world, instead of a blast from the past.  Again, the details are hazy, but I remember a few scenes including the boy walking the dog on the ceiling:
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And, I also remember at the end, you could choose your own tomorrow!  I wish I could remember more, but luckily, YouTube can help there, too!

What attractions do you miss?

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  1. I remember both of these attractions from my first trip back in the 80s. Buzz Lightyear definitely makes the loss of Delta Dreamflight tolerable, especially now with the kids! :-)

  2. I remember both of these! And i miss them too. In fact, my sister and I STILL sometimes sing the "If You Had Wings, had wings, had wings . . . " riff to each other! I do wish Horizons was back, but I suppose all things must evolve. Thanks for the memories!