Friday, June 22, 2012

Fitness Friday - Making Good Decisions

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Amazing food, mickey bars, drinks.  Who thinks to diet when they’re on vacation anywhere, especially not at Walt Disney World?  I'm pretty sure that I’m one of a small minority that thinks about it while on vacation!  Some people say that they like to lose 5 lbs ahead of time, to balance out all of the Mickey Bars, while others stated that they generally walk enough to not think twice about it.

Tonga Toast - Kona Cafe, Disney's Polynesian Resort

For me, however, I still think about it.  Even post after running in the 2011 WDW Half Marathon, it didn’t completely leave my mind.  I should confess, while Jennifer Hudson I am not, I’ve been a Weight Watcher since 2002 and use it as a lifestyle, not just a diet.  With this in mind, I absolutely indulge while at Walt Disney World.  I love trying new things and discovering new (to me) foods, such as the cupcakes at Starring Rolls bakery in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  But, I shared one with my husband instead of eating the entire cupcake by myself.
Cupcake from Starring Rolls

I don’t necessarily think about points/calories/fat while I’m on the road, but I try not to fully indulge the whole day.  If I’m planning on having a big dinner, I might go for a lighter lunch.  Instead of a Mickey bar every day, I might have one once during a long trip, but than have a chocolate covered frozen banana instead.  Instead of a Margarita (which I absolutely do love, but unfortunately know the calorie count), I’ll skip the Mexico Pavilion for the Italy Pavilion and pick up a glass of Rosa Regale, my favorite dessert wine.
Don't get me wrong, I splurge!! Via Napoli

I know some people head to the trails for a run or hit the gym before traveling the parks, and while I have been known to do that on vacation (on my honeymoon…), I agree that with all the walking, I’ll mostly even out some of the extra calories I’m eating.  Realistically, even going Park Commando for a few days, I’m not burning enough calories to eat 3 buffet meals a day for a week and not gain 5 pounds.  But I can walk the world showcase and stop for a few treats, I just try to choose wisely.  I don’t feel guilty having a Bavarian pretzels at the German Pavilion, even though those nachos in Mexico smell divine. I’ll have pretty much anything instead of those Turkey legs served in the American Pavilion and several other places around Walt Disney World.  At a whopping 1000 calories, they fooled me once thinking that they’re healthy, but that won’t happen again!

And, post baby, I'm back attending weekly meetings and still adjusting my daily life to making the best/healthiest/realistic decisions.  I celebrated my birthday with a cupcake and Mexican food, but held myself to a handful of tortilla chips instead of 2 baskets.  If I can do that on my birthday, I sure can do that at Walt Disney World!

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  1. Food allergies keep me from going too over the top with treats while I am at
    WDW. Since I can't have any grain products, that takes care of cupcakes, school bread, pretzels and a lot of desserts.

    I have been known to request the unsweetened applesauce for my dessert at a quick service meal and keep my splurges to creme brulee and Karamel Kuche. Oh yeah, of course I eat Mickey Premium ice cream bars!!!! I figure 3 in one week is my max and not too much splurging.