Thursday, June 21, 2012

Great Cast Members

As I sit here trying to finally order birth announcements (what's 7 weeks in the grand scheme of things?) dealing yet again with Shutterfly Customer Service through an online chat, I'm reminded again of the amazing cast members that work at Walt Disney World and how different they are to the majority of people you'll deal with on a day-to-day basis.

On our January trip, we had a couple of amazing experiences with cast members.

Our first?  At the Walt Disney Railroad when the 'conductor' saw Noah fall and made sure to make his experience extra special.  He even became the "guest conductor" of the Grand Circle Tour!

Another fantastic experience from January?  Late one night (okay, not late, but late for a 2 year old) as the crowds gathered for The Magic, Memories, and You, I joined the crowd at the Confectionery on Main Street, U.S.A. for a Mickey apple (top 5 favorite treats!).
yum.. Candy Cauldron DTD style

The line was fairly long and Adam was doing his best to entertain Noah.  He was actually in great spirits, but being past his bedtime with no nap, he definitely wasn't great at simply waiting.  Luckily, he started flirting with the Cast Members creating the treats.  They loved the attention and to his enjoyment, she gave him a Mickey-eared rice crispie treat!

I sadly don't have pictures because they were lost when my old computer crashed, so I thought the Dapper Dans inside the Confectionary would do the trick!
Dapper Dans inside the Confectionary

So, how do you thank these cast members?

If you're really outgoing, enthusiastic, and have time, you can find the nearest manager/lead cast member (not sure of the exact term!) and tell them how someone really helped your experience.

If you're like me, write down their names and the date/time/location and head to Guest Relations before you leave.  They have comment cards to fill out.  This may seem silly, but these cards going into the cast members files and help them, especially if they're on the career path.  They can help get promoted, awards, and it's a great honor to be honored by the guests!  

Have you ever thanked any cast members for great experiences?  I'd love to hear about it!  Share in the comments or on the facebook page!


  1. I have a vacation diary and where I keep track of the time/date/place I had a great cast member interaction, when I get home I send an email to WDW to thank cast members. I always get an email back from guest services saying my 'thanks' have been passed along. Also, with Disney, they put the thank you or great service into the cast members 'permanent' record. Any negative comments get purged after 6 months with no other negative remarks.

  2. That's such a great plan! Good to know more details about the cards. Thanks!!

  3. I loved this post! When people go out of their way to make your experience better it really means a lot! The last time we went to Disney we encountered the same kind of awesomeness by the staff! Thanks for letting me know about the comment cards at Guest Relations-I will definitely be stopping their on our next visit!

  4. My daughter is a former college program cast member from the American Adventure at Epcot. She was always tickled to death when she received a GSF card. She saved all of them. She even received a special "merchantainment" pin from her manager because of one of those GSF cards. She finished her program this past January and she's STILL fighting the "CP Depression" as it is lovingly referred to by college programmers.