Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tombstone Wednesday!

I love Wednesdays! I always know what to blog about - unlike so many other days!

Back for another epitaph!

Rest in Peace
Cousin Huet
We all know 
you didn't do it

Disney Imagineer (WED - prior to the term WDI/Imagineering) Cliff Huet was an architect and one of the primary interior designers for the Haunted Mansion.

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  1. Another great tombstone! I love these, I always learn something new! Thanks for linking up and joining in on the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop fun!!

  2. Always like a little line at the HM just so we can read these and laugh.

  3. On our last visit my oldest son really spent time reading the tombstones. It was fun to see how he was old enough to really get the humor in them.

  4. I love reading all the tombstones! Always good for a chuckle!

  5. I had no idea that there were quite so many tombstones - clearly I need to pay more attention when in line at the Haunted Mansion! Love your Tombstone Wednesdays!

  6. I love the tombstones at the Haunted Mansion.

  7. Too funny... he must have had a pretty good sense of humor, if they knew they could razz him like that. :)

  8. Another great tombstone! Thank you so much for these Tombstone Wednesday posts - always look forward to them :)