Friday, July 20, 2012

Breaking the Habit

When we headed down to Walt Disney World for Noah's first trip, he was just barely over 6 months of age.  With a little one, 6 months can be a time of many transitions, and we had to consider those when planning our trip.

1st - Pacifier use. 
With most of books we had telling us to get rid of the pacifier between 4-6 months, we had every intention of falling that direction, until we realized: we were about to take a 2+ hour plane ride with a little guy.. with no pacifier?  So we held on to that habit for a few extra weeks and tossed them shortly after our return.  Many may be surprised, but even with a serious pacifier addiction, getting rid of it was easier than stopping the swaddle habit and he never looked back.  He's picked up his baby brothers a few times, but has never, since the initial loss of his pacifier, tried to suck on one, or his fingers.

2nd - Solid Foods
It is recommended to begin solid foods anywhere from 4-6 months, with recommendations now pushing for a later start.  I figured we could push it to 6.5 months pretty easily.  That is, until Noah started to really want food.  Anyone who has seen a little one eye their meal knows what I'm talking about.  He was growing, both out and up, and was hungry beyond milk.  Technically, breast milk (I'm not sure if formula is considered the same) is the perfect nutritional food for the first year of life - a baby could sustain on that alone.  But, around 6 months, they usually start to want to eat.
So, if you're traveling when they're starting, what are your options?  Carry around a lot of pre-made foods and rice cereal with extra milk for formula to mix?

Well, technically that is an option, but there is definitely a better one:


There are 3 foods that are the easiest foods to start a baby on if you're planning to travel-
1. Banana
2. Avocado
3. Apples (applesauce)

With a banana, you can literally take a banana, bit of the end, and mush it right there in the peel if you don't have anything else.  Or, just take an overripe one and smush a little with your fingers before giving it to the baby.
6 month old Noah - loved his avocado!

I found avocado easy because I love avocado and often or sandwiches and salads containing it.  I could simply pick out some of mine, mush it up, and there's his food right there.

Applesauce is great, too.  Especially at WDW.  Sugar free applesauce is often offered as a side at counter service meals and is easy to find all around the resort!

We did stock up on some organic Gerber brand pea mush, but barely used any of it during our trip!  In fact, many times we were eating, he was so distracted and curious about the rest of the world, he had no interest in solids and didn't eat many during our trip! 

For more about starting solid foods, recipes, and which foods to start with and when, check out the amazing resource that is Wholesome Baby Food!


  1. This is what I get for every woman I know when she has a baby!
    I wonder if it would make a good take along to the parks as it can grind anything short of steak into baby food.
    I don't have children but over the years I have probably bought 20 of these! They now come with a lid, which is handy, shove the works into a ziploc and away you go.

  2. That's a great gift - and probably would work well to take along, but I would leave it in the resort kitchen area if planning to eat meals there.. there is so much STUFF to bring along with a little one.. but that might really work for those kids who aren't quite to finger foods but want more than just a couple of options! Great idea:) Thanks for sharing!