Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I Need My..

Touring Plans.  Anyone else addicted to Touring Plans and all of their great features?

For the most part, I use touring plans to help figure out when to schedule my ADR's.  With the help of their crowd calender, I can plan on which parks I'll visit when.  Based on years of statistics, they do an amazing job predicting which parks will be most crowded when - and even more in depth, they can predict wait times in the parks!  10 days of crowd calenders are available right on the app, so you can check while you're in the parks if you didn't write it down (yeah, I often make a plan.  It's just too much fun for me!) or follow the link to their website where you can login and check a year in the future!

They've studied (i.e. ridden the rides over and over etc...) how the posted wait times actually predict the true wait time, so you'll often get a truer prediction based on their wait time.  Plus, as the name states, you get Touring Plans that help you learn how to get the most out of your park experience.  You may love the Wedway People Mover, but that's not optimally the best way to start your day to avoid long lines later on.  
Love it..  But as a break, not a start!
With their new optimization feature on their smart phone (all smart phones.  really!) app WDW Lines, you can have a touring plan made instantly for you when you're in the parks!  Not sure the best tactics to get the most out of Epcot starting at 2 p.m.?  Let Lines figure it out for you!

Another new great feature?  MENUS.  Constantly updated menus for every restaurant.  Can't decide which counter service?  Check out the menus!  Trying to make ADRs but aren't sure where to go?  Check the menus.  

For $11.95 per year, you can get all of the features of TouringPlans (and lines) for Walt Disney World.  The Disneyland option is only $6.95.  Not bad - when we finally start talking California, I'll have to upgrade to the Disneyland option because I have NO idea when to plan a trip out West!

Click the button to head to TouringPlans.com

Do you use Touring Plans?  What is your favorite feature?


  1. The touring plans are exceptional. I used them extensively on my husband's and my first trip April 2011 and it seemed like to consistently keep us in front of the crowd. The menus are a great new feature and I'm very excited to use optimization on our next trip.

  2. You know I'm addicted by my Liner button that I keep on my backpack! :-) I drank the Lines kool-aid a long time ago! Love touring plans!

  3. Husband and I are seriously considering subscribing just for the use of the lines app. I think it would be extremely helpful to know which rides are shortest at which times of the day so we don't have to be running all over the park just to find out that the ride has an hour wait. With a toddler in tow, I know that it would be best to avoid situations like that if we can. I did upload the free Disney Mobile app which doesn't have great reviews and is limited outside of the park (like at home when looking through it) and they just have general categories like "Ride Now", "Moderate Wait", etc.. does the lines app have an exact time (ie: 2 min wait vs 52 min wait)? Does it show where the characters are for the meet and greets? Just wanting to know if it is worth the $12 for a one time 10 day trip to WDW? Thanks!

  4. The Lines app will have exact wait times that are based on what Touring Plans predicts for that attraction as well as updates by other users currently in the parks. I think it's a great app to have for the touring plans...the wait times were semi-accurate at best in my experience. There are other free apps that provide wait times if that's specifically what you're looking for. Try the Undercover Tourist one.

  5. Thanks Ashley! So as I understand it per your above reply, the lines app is best when working with their touring plans but not as much on its own as a tool by itself, but the Undercover Tourist app is best for using their "lines" app alone?.?.? Is that correct? I don't know if a touring plan would work for our family... what if our son wants to ride Dumbo 5 times in a row? Since it will just be husband, myself and out little I feel like it would be better so just go with the flow as apposed to "ride this ride, then that ride, then that other one...". But you have success using it as a tool for your young family? Sorry for all the questions, I have researched their website but I didn't find this bit of information very clear. Decisions, decisions!

  6. It's actually just me & my husband (no Disney babies yet!) but it worked great for us. Plans that should have lasted "all day" we finished in PLENTY of time to go back and ride our favorites over and over if we wanted. They offer several touring plans for parents with small children that you may find helpful. I found that the wait times were close to accurate, not spot on, but definitely more helpful than the vague "moderate wait" of the Disney Parks app. On our last trip NYE 2011, I was using the Lines app (iPhone) and my husband downloaded several free apps (Droid) and I compared them. Both the paid version (Lines) and the free ones had their pluses and minuses, so if you were looking for just wait times, I probably wouldn't fork over the $ since you can get close to the same thing for free.

  7. Touring plans actually has a plan called "Dumbo or die" designed to ride Dumbo several times. I don't follow the plans to a tea, but use then aa a guideline. I'm overly familiar with the MK and go during off season, so for me, its helpful in other parks and mostly for crowd calendar. And, with the app, you can optimize on your phone and have a plan designed just for you. Lines only works with a subscription to TP. Hope this helps!