Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Planet Explorers - Review!

To surprise or not to surprise, that has become a big question when it comes to vacation planning.

If you're like me and unable to keep the secret, you may want to help build excitement and get your children involved (as much as possible, depending on the age) with the planning.  But, a 7 year old isn't likely to sit down with a 200 page guide book and really dig in.

That's where the Planet Explorer books, by Laura Schaefer, come in.  Laura has covered a wide variety of family friendly vacations including Chicago, Disneyland, and everyone's (my!) favorite Walt Disney World.

Now, she has taken on the Disney Cruise Line.
Sold on amazon with a sneak peak available!
Maybe kids don't know anything about cruising - I didn't until I was 26!  These books are perfect - she explains the different ships and different areas on board.

In the books, kids can learn all about the different decks, club areas, dining experiences, characters, and other experiences available on board.

Another amazing feature of these books - she gives great details about all of the ports that the Disney Cruise Line travels to-

  • Headed to San Juan, Puerto Rico?  Make sure to visit the tomb of Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon
  • Juneau, Alaska - Gold fever struck Juneau after being discovered in 1880
These fun facts and so many more are listed in this book, so your kids not only get excited about their ports of call, but learn as well!

And, my favorite part of the Planet Explorer books?  They all cost between $.99-$3.99! 

For more information about this series (and I have another review of book on Epcot which I CAN'T wait to read coming soon), check out the Planet Explorers website, or buy them on Amazon.com.

**These books were given to me for review purposes, but all opinions are my own!  Hope you enjoy!**

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