Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reader Questions!

If you hadn't noticed, I love talking Disney, and I don't always get to talk too much in my daily life!  So, when a reader asks me questions, I enjoy thinking, talking, and sharing Disney with them and you!

This weeks questions come from Cheri K:
Thank you for allowing me to pick your brain on a few things before our big trip!

Any tips for character breakfasts? (Tusker House and Akershus Storybook Breakfast)
Character Breakfasts are fun - I LOVED Tusker House and I've heard very good things about Akershus.  As for tips - show up early - be prepared for them to ask you for $35 for a picture OR have them put it on your photopass.  If you're interested in getting the photopass PLUS, it includes ride photos and character meal photos.  A great way to get the characters involved is to bring a toy of some kind - if you bring a Mickey toy to Donald's Safari Breakfast, you might encounter a grumpy duck!  But, at least in January, Donald is only outside to take pictures.  We had Goofy, Minnie, Daisy, and Mickey walking around.  

The characters come in individually to circle the rooms, so you can generally see when they're coming to plan your buffet runs.  We were done - we don't spend too much time sitting with our 2 year old - but had to wait - there is a song and dance for the kids!  It's so cute.  My Tusker House experience is written about here... If you don't want juice for your kids, be preemptive b/c it's the standard drink there! We made our son drink milk, but he knew the juice was there and kept stealing sips!  The Princesses love when they see girls dressed as princesses.  If you're not sure how your children will react, character meals are a great way to not spend an hour waiting to find out!  If they like them from afar but not up close, don't worry - they can wave and pass your table - just give their 'handler' a heads-up or maybe even tell your server.  Don't be offended or embarrassed if your little ones get scared.  It happens often and they won't be offended!
 Are there Starbucks in the parks yet? Was going to buy a gift card for here but I was not sure.
As of now, Starbucks has opened yet - I did hear that the one at Disney's California Adventure opened and it's serving a pretty standard Starbucks menu.  It's got to be going soon, but yeah the Nescafe that they serve at most places is pretty terrible, so I'd recommend packing some Via or other instant for the parks and head into the Baby Care centers for some free hot water :)  And - if you haven't seen me or anyone recommend it before - the coffee at the Writer's Stop Cafe in DHS is brewed in there and tastes good (to me), so it's a good stop when you're wanting real coffee!  I wouldn't buy a gift card for Starbucks, but if you're wanting to prepay, try a Disney gift card or a prepaid Visa!  both can be used virtually anywhere around WDW. 
We have dinners booked for Rainforest Cafe, Hollywood and Vine (for Fantasmic seating), Ohana, Mickeys Backyard BBQ and 50's Prime Time Cafe.
Expect Rainforest Cafe to be very loud.  Just know that!  I did H&V for breakfast and enjoyed it, I've heard it's good for dinner as well.   
-how do you suggest we get to the Backyard BBQ? We are staying at Port Orleans Riverside. And how Lon should we give ourselves to get there?
As for Mickeys BBQ - I would recommend hopping on a bus to the MK or being at the MK that day and taking the boat over to  Ft. Wilderness, but your other option would be to go to Downtown Disney and take a bus from there.  From the MK, I would recommend 30 minutes, but if you're starting at your resort, I would recommend an hour.  It always seems to take an hour to do double transfers!
With a one year old and almost 3 year old I know it will be more slow moving since at least one needs a nap. Any other tips you can suggest?
With a 1 and 3 year old, the adults can get a LOT done in a short time by taking advantage of the ride swap  AND fastpass.  We'll be sad when we can't do both anymore. Since ride swap can be used with the fastpass, only 1 person needs a fastpass for both adults to skip the lines.  It's great!  For your nap- take a resort break.  Head back for a couple of hours and avoid the heat and the crowds of midday.  If your kids sleep well in their strollers, you can always just stop somewhere out of the way (make sure that out of the way place isn't a smoking section!) and let them rest.  My son refuses to nap, but we still opt for a quiet time out of the parks, usually after an early lunch, just so we can relax and recharge.  It makes it easier to go a little past bedtime, since the excitement keeps them up anyways!
I truly appreciate everything. Disney is a whole world in itself and planning can be fun but stressful! Lol
Thanks again!
Hopefully this will help others as well!!  Remember, if you ever have questions, big or small, feel free to comment on posts, find me on facebooktwitter, or email me at

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  1. In some stores that have a Starbucks such as Barnes and Noble, you can't use a Starbucks gift card. They are not accepted. Other places like Target will accept Starbucks gift cards. So it depends on what model of Starbucks Disney puts in. :)

    Yes, my husband and I are Starbucks gold card people. And my soon-to-be 4 year old likes it too (for pastries and chocolate milk).