Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Need Your Help!

There are too many choices when it comes to Walt Disney World dining..

And, while I tend to be a creature of habit - I love Kouzzina's dinner and have been every trip since we discovered it, I still love to discover new meals.

So, it's time for a poll:

Where should we have breakfast after the half marathon?


  • We'll be running 13.1 miles, so we'll have some calories to eat! 
  • We may or may not have a car (might rent carseats for my parents van!)
  • We will be staying at Old Key West - boat access to Downtown Disney
  • We won't be going into the parks that day, so on property at a resort, but not in a theme park!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Feeding Friend!

As a new mom, I spend a lot of time holding my little one.  Nursing, cuddling - that's a big part of life with an infant.  That's where My Feeding Friend comes in.  This new and very clever nursing pillow lasts for longer than only nursing time.  Designed as oversized stuffed animals, these pillows are meant to be used for 4 separate purposes:

  1. A Cozy, cute, and intimate nursing pillow
  2. Cuddly tummy time friend
  3. Supportive and soft for sitting up
  4. A bedtime buddy that provides the comfort and support every child seeks and every mother needs.

Designed by a mother of four, these pillows are ADORABLE.  I think they must have known I was an LSU alumnus, as I received a Tiger pillow.  While I don't always nurse with a pillow (2nd baby - much easier!  The first time around, I couldn't go without the pillow for a long time), I still enjoy using this one for extra comfort while nursing.

Better than that, it really is perfect for tummy time!  I love setting Z up in front of a long mirror while resting on this.  

But, the real truth that this product is great?  Noah came home and said "mommy got me a tiger" and while I explained it was to be shared with his brother, it sleeps on his bed every night (though he shares it with Z on the weekends).  

Unlike the standard nursing pillows, this really does have a shelf life past nursing/bottle feeding!

And, for a retail price of $39.99, this is a great gift for new moms or moms-to-be!

Available at and

This product was provided to me for review purposes, but all opinions are my own!

Monday, August 27, 2012

One for the dogs

Is Goofy a dog?  Did anyone ever decide?  He's that weird ambiguous friend that's pretty much a dog, but when you consider that Pluto is Mickey's dog pet, why would he have a dog friend?
January 2012
My two year old loves dogs, both at Disney and at home.  And, up until Friday, we had two.

That picture is from 2008, right after we rescued Koufax, the smaller dog on the left.  Bailey, the dog on the right, I rescued in 2006, a mere 3 days before I met my husband.

Unfortunately, when I rescued Bailey, they guessed that he was anywhere from 7-10 years old.  He already had some senior dog issues that had to be taken care of with twice daily medicine for the past 5 years.
The little one isn't so little anymore.. over 80 lbs

Over the past week, he simply stopped eating as much as normal.  He was always stubborn, so we gave him rice, which he would eat... until a couple of days later.  Than he ate nothing and we took him to the vet to find out that his liver was gone.  The vet said the road to recovery was slow and improbable.. and we had already decided to to prolong him with painful procedures that would keep him with us, but in such a shell of his former, occasionally cuddly dog.  The vet didn't think he would last the weekend...

So, while also celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary and Zachary being 4 months old on the 26th,  we also lost a member of our family - one that was around before we became a family.  And, even though he was old and crotchety, we loved him very much.  And, I'm glad I gave a once death-row rescue dog a good home for 6 years.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Resorts for Newbies

Recently, I had a friend tell me he wanted to start planning a Disney vacation for his family.  He knows little to nothing - I think he visited once as a child - same for his wife.  They're not Disney people.  In fact, they're the ones that mock my love for Disney.  But really, who doesn't, other than my fellow Disney-addicts!

Several months ago, I posted my Top 3 Tips for Disney Newbies.  I ever wrote a simple article about the different resort options.  Now, I'm going to take the resort process one step further.

Since the late 80's/early 90's, the Walt Disney World Resort has been booming with resorts on Disney property.  There are a few non-Disney-owned resorts (the Swan/Dolphin, a Wyndham, etc...), but I'm mostly concerned with the ones that Disney owns and operates.  These resorts are a must for first timers - especially those with little kids.

I will break down the different resorts based on their category (pricing!!)

Deluxe: Most have more than only bus option between at least 1 park and resort. Varied dining options, many have "signature" and excellent dining experiences.  Several have character meals available.

  • Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa
    • Most expensive on property
    • Gorgeous in an old Floridian way
    • Disney's Flagship resort
    • On the monorail line with ferry option to the Magic Kingdom
    • Great restaurants
  • Disney's Polynesian Resort
    • One of the 3 original resorts on Disney property
    • A favorite among Disney fans
    • On the monorail line with ferry option to the Magic Kingdom
    • Hawaiian feel
  • Disney's Contemporary Resort
    • One of the 3 original resorts on Disney property
    • On the monorail line and walking distance to the Magic Kingdom
    • Monorail goes thru the main building making it very loud, but there are smaller buildings that won't have that same problem
  • Disney's Wilderness Lodge (and Villas)
    • Boat access to the Magic Kingdom
    • Designed like the Great American Northwest
    • Same designers as Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge (and Villas)
    • Possibly the least expensive of the deluxe resorts, due to distance from parks
    • Savannah behind resort - for extra fee, you can wake up to the animals outside your window
  • Disney's Beach Club Resort (and Villas)
    • Has possibly the best pool, Stormalong Bay, with a sandy zero entry.
    • Boat or walkway to Epcot and Hollywood Studios
    • New England Style relaxed beach atmosphere
  • Disney's Yacht Club Resort (and Villas)
    • Slightly fancier than the Beach club, still with the New England feel
    • Boat and walkway to Epcot and Hollywood studios
  • Disney's Boardwalk Resort (and Villas)
    • Designed after 1940's Atlantic City 
    • **One of my favorite resorts to visit for dinner, walking around**
    • Boat or walkway to Epcot and Hollywood Studios
Moderate Resorts  - 
  • The Cabins at Ft. Wilderness
    • A more rustic and woodsy feel
    • Sleeps 6 - a bedroom with a living area and full kitchen
    • Large area - most recommend renting a golf cart ($$) to get around the resort
    • More dining options and large group activities than other moderates
  • Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
  • A Pirates of the Caribbean themed room
    • Large resort with many buildings and bus stops 
    • Some rooms themed as Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Disney's Coronado PopSprings Resort
    • Often home to many conferences; has a business feel
    • Slightly further away and takes a little more time to travel between resort and park
    • Mayan/Spanish colonial Mexican feel
  • Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter and Riverside
    • Connected, but two separate resorts
    • P.O.R. considered by many to be the most serene Moderate resort
    • Celebrates Mardi Gras!
    • Serves beignets (french donuts)
    • Small resort - least amount of rooms   on property
    • Boats to Downtown Disney
Value Resorts - Bus only to all theme parks, no sit down dining options
  • All Star Music/Movies/Sports
    • Least expensive resorts on property
    • Small rooms
    • Less inclusively themed - large icons and minimal inside room decorations
    • Have family suites - master bedroom/living area/kitchen with 2 bathrooms
    • 3 separate resorts - often share buses
  • Pop Century
    • Inexpensive rooms - same or slightly higher rates than the All Star Resorts
    • Fun, oversized outside theme, buildings decorated as a decade/generation
  • Art of Animation
    • Brand new - mostly family suites (under 600 sq feet) themed as Cars, Lion King, and Finding Nemo
    • Non-suite rooms are themed with the Little Mermaid
    • Beautiful decor and theming
    • More expensive than the other values

Your Room Key -

Now, everything is contained on your Magic Band! Make sure to pack it in your carry on for access to Disney's Magical Express and to expedite check in!

Want more help? 

Contact me for free travel planning and so much more!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tombstone Wednesday!

I found another tombstone I hadn't uncovered!  Hope you enjoy!

Drink a Toast to Our Friend Ken
Fill Your Glass And Don't Say "When"

Disney Legend, Ken Anderson began his career with Disney in 1934, when he randomly pulled over to The Walt Disney Studios and applied for a job!  He served as Art Director on many projects, including Snow White, Pinocchio, and Fantastia.  

His work in planning at Disneyland contributed to Peter Pan's Flight, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and of course, the Haunted Mansion.  

Ken continued working with Disney (WDI) after his 1978 retirement, even collaborating the one-time expected Africa Pavilion at EPCOT.

Focused on the Magic

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Epcot Passport

I love Epcot.  I love the music, I love Soarin', my son loves the Seas with Nemo.  And, I really love the World Showcase.  But, with a little one, we haven't spent as much time there over the past couple of years.  I think it's time for that to change.

Even though Z will be under a year for our February trip, we're going to make it a more interactive experience for Noah, so Z will simply tag along and hopefully enjoy watching!

The World Showcase has KidCot stations which consist of markers and Duffy bear cut outs, but, they also have stamps for Epcot Passports!

Image from LaughingPlaceStore

The World Showcase Passport can be purchased at the Laughing Place Store, most likely still in Epcot shops, but could also be made at home.

Just like traveling the world, we can travel the World Showcase and get our Passport stamped - the best reason the Kidcot stations are there.  I'm thinking we might even make one of these at home, one for each country!

With my youngster, we can work on letters - spelling and sounding out the names of the countries.  I think we'll leave room for details - what snack did we have in this country?  What characters were there?  Did we see any special performances?  

We have a lot of options - and I think we're going to get cracking, making Epcot even more interactive!  I'll make sure to share the final product when we make this!  I see a weekend project ahead of me...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Potty Break!

The past 4 trips we've taken to Walt Disney World, Noah was 2 and under.  He was 100% in diapers and we never had to think about things like potty breaks.

But now, after a long weekend, I'm proud to say that Noah is.. well, sort of potty trained.  We've started the process.  He went thru more than a dozen pairs of underwear (mostly Cars/Pixar themed!) during the past 2 days, but only 3 of them Sunday.  That to me shows progress!
Not a baby anymore!

I'm really glad that he'll have 6 months of potty trained experience (he's been sitting on the thing for probably a year, but we just made the switch from diapers this weekend), so he'll *hopefully* be more consistent and less likely to have a lot of accidents.

How will this change things?  What will we need to have and know?

  1. Extra sets of clothes for both children, but only diapers for the baby!
  2. Locations of bathrooms in all parks!  We can even make a game - find every restroom.  We could compare :)
  3. Post its - used to cover up the sensor on automatic flushing toilets.  Will this be a problem for us? Not sure yet, but I'll probably start bringing them along, just in case!
  4. Travel potty seat - Still figuring out if I need to throw one of these in my diaper bag.  What are your thoughts and experiences?
What am I missing?  What are some good tips for new bathroom users and leaving the house?  We stayed in all weekend!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Surviving and Scheduling with Infants at Disneyland

Please welcome Alex to the Disney Babies Blog!  She's a young mom and here talking about her experiences at Disneyland with her little one!

I'm Alex, a 22 year old stay at home mother of a gorgeous [almost] 11 month old. California native turned Arizonian, I am the owner of the shop This Love is Ours Boutique on Etsy and the author of the blog Mommys Craft Obsession. I absolutely love writing, being crafty, saving money, and having a good time with the people I love!

We recently moved from Northern California to Arizona (boy is that a weather shock), but prior to our big move my family and I decided to enjoy one more adventure together and take a family vacation to Disneyland. Excitement overcame me as the ten year old within me started jumping with joy. 

I LOVE Disneyland and it has always been such a special treat to be able to go. It is, after all, the happiest place on earth... right? Once the reality sank in, the ten year old girl within me put her head in her hands with a big sigh and the adult me realized that Disneyland with a (at that time) 7 month old would be quite the challenge. 

Baby A has always been a breeze. I was blessed to have such an easy going baby and he has been on a stable routine since he as just a couple of months old. Wake up in the morning, eat, play, nap, eat play nap, eat play, bath, and bed for the night. How was I going to keep this schedule while having fun in Disneyland?! 

With a deep breath, I reassured myself that I could do it. We still had over a month to make a game plan, so I was confident that I could make it work. There would be obstacles such as making a bottle while in the park and cloth diapering but I brainstormed options before finally having an ah-ha moment and both problems were quickly solved. Coming to terms with the fact that some things will have to be sacrificed and changed while in Disneyland, my mom informed me that the motel we were staying at had a microwave, refrigerator, AND washer and dryer! SCORE! So now for the game plan. Here's what I did...

To maintain your baby's sleep schedule and not have to run back and forth to the hotel or motel for naps and bedtime, the most important thing to do is to create familiarity for your child. Baby A had three essentials that he needs for naps and bed time:
  1. his paci (pacifier), 
  2. his blue blankie (a handmade knit blanket that he has snuggled with since birth, for your child this may be a lovie, a stuffed animal, etc), and...
  3. his seahorse (the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Soothe and Glow Seahorse- $14.99 at most retailers and so worth it! This soothes a cranky Baby A almost instantly as he has listened to it every night since he was in the belly and I would play it for him). 
Two other tools for providing your little one a good environment for peaceful sleep:
  1. A Stroller that reclines as flat as possible
  2. A Stroller cover - whether it be a car seat or stroller cover, or even just a blanket to enclose your stroller to create a nice dark sleeping area. I also recommend if you plan on being in the park after dark and during baby's bedtime that you invest in a stroller bag such as a JJ Cole Bundle Me or a Petunia Pickle Bottom Bunting Bag. Although southern California does stay pretty warm at night (mommies and daddies may need a light jacket depending on the time of year), the cozier the baby the more peacefully they will sleep! By using all of these elements, Baby A was able to maintain his sleep routine with no problems or hiccups along the way.
**Editor's note: These are easily picked up at discount stores such as Marshall's and TJ Maxx!**

I mentioned before that I was a little nervous about making bottles while in Disneyland, my main dilemma was keeping the water warm for him!  I brought four bottles pre-filled with formula and two thermoses of water (per day in the park). Upon making hotel reservations, we did our research as to which motels had microwaves inside of the room. I brought with me three gallon jugs of water specifically for bottles and a large mug to heat the water up in the morning. It worked perfectly! The water stayed warm throughout the day and it made it nice and quick for me to feed the baby. I bought a travel sized dish soap and washed bottles nightly in the hotel room, laying a towel out for them to dry on. Along with formula, I also brought four Plum Organic Baby Food Pouches, a sippy cup of water, and a snack trap full of Cheerios into the park daily. 
Hollywood Tower Hotel - not the best for infants!

Now for the tricky part

Cloth diapering while on vacation in Disneyland....dun dun dun

It actually ended up being pretty easy so don't stress yourself out to much whilst preparing.  In our household, Baby A is exclusively cloth diapered with BumGenius 4.0s and Flip Hybrid Diapers. We were in Disneyland a total of four days and while at home I wash diapers every two days, so I planned on washing diapers halfway through our trip.  I packed all of our Flip diapers (if you aren't familiar with the flip system, it is a diaper cover and a cloth insert that you put into the diaper. They make disposable inserts which makes it a hybrid diaper, although I do have a pack of the disposable inserts for just in case,, but I typically stick with the cloth liners), packed about ten 4.0s for morning and night when Baby A does his dirty business. I also packed our Bummis biodegradable diaper liners to make clean up easier. 

Make sure to bring a bunch of ziplock bags to dispose of the poop if you're not near a toilet!  I doubled up a trash bag to put the dirty diapers in while at the motel and I brought two wet bags for dirty diapers inside of the park.  The night that I had to do diapers we had decided not to be at the park much past dinner time anyway so while my mom watched Baby A, I headed down to the motel's laundry room and took care of the laundry.  I made sure I had enough diapers for the next two days at the park and the drive home (we lived about 8 hrs away). Thankfully, we made it home with one clean diaper to spare and the cloth diapering at Disneyland was a success.

A lot of you may be wondering what rides, if any, Baby A was able to go on.  Surprisingly, he was able to go on a TON of rides!  Most require you to hold them in your arms while on the ride, but there were a few that I was able to put him in the Ergo so he was more comfortable and secure.  I took him on The Haunted Mansion (held him), Pirates of the Caribbean (Ergo, it does have two small drops in the ride), The Jungle Cruise (held him and Ergo), It's A Small World (held him), Finding Nemo Submarine (held him, although I do not recommend taking your little one on this ride due to loud "bombs" going off), and of course he got to go on a lot of the kids rides!  To give Baby A a break from the stroller, I made sure to carry him in the Ergo as much as possible or carried him on my hip when I could (he got heavy fast!!).  It was very important to me that I used a diaper bag that I could bring on the rides with me, perhaps I was a little paranoid because I didn't want Baby A's food to get stolen!   Hey, ya  never know!  I chose to bring a Petunia Pickle Bottom Touring Tote which ended up working great for us!  I could easily hang it from the stroller or carry it right under my arm for safe keeping and it held everything I needed for the day (with exception of the thermoses of water which I kept in the stroller basket).  Having a compact diaper bag and a Baby Carrier made going on rides and having fun myself easy and enjoyable. 

**See?  I'm not the only one who recommends baby wearing!  Read about more options here**

So if you're thinking about taking your infant to the Disneyland Resort in California but you are intimidated by the challenges of maintaining a sound schedule, bottle feeding or cloth diapering, don't be!  I recommend the Carasol Inn and Suites (located about a block away from the entrance of Disneyland).  They have a microwave and refrigerator in the rooms and a washer and dryer on site to make your life easier!  Take a deep breath and take the plunge into maintaining your reality while enjoying a Fantasyland! 

Like what you've read? Follow my blog at Mommy's Craft Obsession and become a fan of MCO on Facebook!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Movie Fun - A Bug's Life!

As you may know, Pixar is infamous for leaving special 'easter eggs' or, hidden treasures, in each of their films.  I love that they continue the trend and specific scenes can be viewed in several movies!

A Bug's Life is no different.  

  • A113 - the famous classroom from Cal Arts that so many animators reference is scene as Flix enters the big city on the side of a box
  • The Pizza Planet Truck - located outside a trailer home that 2 flies are trying to avoid the bug zapper... unsuccessfully!
  • John Ratzenberger - He is P.T. Flea!
Did you notice the name of the Circus?  Casey's Jr. Circus Train - that's a reference to Casey Junior, the famous little train from Dumbo!

Being the 2nd movie Pixar released, there aren't too many specific easter eggs, but make sure to keep your eyes out - you may even see that same Pizza Planet Truck and trailer in another movie...

It can be Tough to Be a Bug, don't you think?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Carsland Swag!

I'm excited to join in with a great giveaway today!  Thanks to our friends over at MouseChat Podcast, I've joined in to give you some great stuff from the news Carsland area at Disney's California Adventure!

All you have to do is check out the rafflecopter below! 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Discounted Disney

Welcome to those of you joining me from The CanaDisney Blog  and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 4th stop on our Magical Blogorail.

Everyone has tips on how to save for or during a trip to Disney.  My favorite way is one that is not available to the masses, but I am lucky enough to enjoy:

Military Discounts

I enlisted in the U.S. Army in January of 2005, as a member of the U.S. Army Band - a cool job, but that's a story for a different day.

How does being in the military help me with Disney?

  1. Florida Residency - I was a Florida resident when I joined the Army and I will be one until I retire (and hopefully after, if I can convince my husband to make the move!)
    1. Florida residents have discounts on Season/Annual passes, tickets (when military discounted tickets are not available), resorts, and my new favorite, Tables in Wonderland
    2. All military personnel stationed in FL are allowed to become FL residents - great discounts are available!
  2. Armed Forces Salute
    1. Since 2009, the Disney Parks have offered incredibly deals to military families.  In 2009, it was a Free 5 Day Park Hopper for the military service man/woman and $99 for their family/travel companions.  The prices have increased since then and the word "free" will most likely never happen again, but the deals are still amazing.
    2. Resort Discounts Are available!  40% off Deluxe resorts and lesser percentages in moderate and value, this helps staying on property be more affordable!
  3. Shades of Green 
    1. While I have never personally stayed at this resort once know as the Disney Inn, this Military run resort offers great prices and is located in walking distance to Disney's Polynesian Resort.  What does that mean?  Walking distance to the monorail.  Bus service/shuttles are also available
    2. SoG has a ticket office on property
    3. Dining options at SoG are not priced at WDW prices!
  4. Discounts elsewhere
    1. Car rentals, off property resorts, etc...  These often have discounts!  Never hurts to ask!
  5. Disney Cruise Line - 
    1. Usually highly discounted cruises are available with very short (30-60 days) notice.  I've seen some incredible prices for state rooms aboard DCL that I hope to one day take advantage of!  
I can't say we officially plan ahead with our vacations.  I think our vacations may be in our annual budget, but they may be added in and worked around later!  That's my husband's job.  I just blog about it ;-)

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Cooking with Mickey.

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard:

1st Stop ~ Meet the Magic
 2nd Stop ~ Pursuing the Magic 
3rd Stop ~ The CanaDisney Blog
**4th Stop ~ Disney Babies Blog** You are here
Final Stop ~ Cooking with Mickey

Thursday, August 9, 2012

To Hop or Not To Hop

It's funny - there are so many of us silly Disney bloggers out in the blogoverse.. and we all have our own opinions about planning, where to stay, how to get there, etc...  And it's always funny to see people advertise for things that I usually, under most circumstances, recommend skipping!

So today, I'm going to start a series giving both sides of the argument.  Let me know what I've missed pro/con and give me your vote!

1st Up - Park Hopper vs. No Park Hopper
  • Park Hopper:
    • Allows for flexibility - can switch parks for meals, crowds, on a whim, etc...
      • Crowd levels are higher than you expected at one of the parks, head over to one of the lesser crowded parks
      • Start your day off in one, and head to another for a dinner reservation.  I love to be at MK during the day and EPCOT for dinner!
    • Say you're staying 4 days or less, you can repeat as you wish and still visit all parks
      • Really liked Illuminations?  Watch it again the next night.  Fantasmic cancelled on your DHS day?  That's fine, head over to the Magic Kingdom for Wishes
      • On a 4 day trip, you can visit each park once.  But, is 1 day enough for the Magic Kingdom?  Not for me!
    • If you're at a park with shorter hours and want to keep going, you can hop to a park with later hours and keep on with your day!  Animal Kingdom generally closes early - much earlier than other parks.  Finish your day at 5 or head over to a park closing at 9 or 10!
    • Burn both ends of the candle using extra magic hours in the morning and evening.
  • No Park Hopper
    • Saves money.  
      • Park Hopper option is now $61 per person.  But, not $61 per day.  On a 3 or 4 day ticket, it may not be worth it.  On the flipside, for a longer ticket, it's only a few extra dollars per day.
      • Use extra dollars money for food, souvenirs, etc...
    • Spend a full day in a park, rest, repeat.
    • Saves time - park hopping using Disney transportation could require around an hour - walking to the bus stop, waiting, etc...
    • Saves energy - tour the parks more slowly, taking the full day to enjoy.
You might be able to guess my preference.  What is yours?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Loved It!

Lou and Me - Main Street U.S.A.
If you're like me and regularly listen to WDW Radio Podcasts, hosted by Lou Mongello, then you've probably heard of Jim Korkis.  Jim co-hosts with Lou every so often and shares incredibly stories and details about the Disney parks and about Walt himself.

Published by Ayefour (get it? I-4) Publishing, The Vault of Walt is a collection of short stories that Disney Historian, Jim Korkis, put together in this fun and very easy to read book.  I downloaded this book onto my Kindle app (which I read on my phone) and read a few stories at a time.

This is definitely one book to add to your Disney collection!

Next up?  Walt and the Promise of Progress City - just downloaded today.  Just in time for EPCOT's 30th birthday!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Top 5 for the Magic Kingdom

Top 5 Tips for Little Ones at the Magic Kingdom!

Are you ready?

  1. Get there early (especially if you have early risers - take advantage of it) and watch the Rope Drop, or simply arrive as the park opens. 
    1. If your kids are like mine and wake up extra early (and you're staying on property), head to the park with Morning Extra Magic Hours.  You'll do more in that first hour than you could imagine!
    2. You never know - you could be picked as the family of the day!
  2. Start with Fantasyland!
    1. Fantasyland is the best with small children - the most attractions for them, whether they're awake or asleep!
    2. Rides like Dumbo, Peter Pan's Flight, and Winnie the Pooh tend to gather long lines during the day, but if you start there first thing, you can ride with little to no line and even get a fast pass for later, if you would like!
  3. Nurse, nap, rest in air conditioning!
    1. Attractions like the Carousel of Progress and Hall of Presidents are great longer attractions to "take a rest" as Piper would say.
    2. Enjoy a scenic attraction such as the Wedway/Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover for entertainment, as well as a few minutes off of your feet.  Plus, it's often available with little to no wait!
  4. Take an afternoon break!  
    1. Especially when it's hot (when isn't it hot in Orlando?  Last January we were in shorts and tank tops!) head back to your resort for nap or pool time. You'll be refreshed and less likely to melt down later on!
    2. Avoid peak heat and crowds by skipping out after lunch time, or heading to a resort for lunch!
  5. Don't rush!
    1. With fastpass and rider swap options available, you'll be able to take in as many of the attractions as you want, but also let the kids play!
    2. Play areas in the queues for Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo are great areas to let kids be kids!  At Dumbo, you can cool off in the air conditioned play area while the kids enjoy burning off some steam.  No need to rush - just let them play and have fun!
Noah - 1 year old, playing in the Winnie the Pooh queue

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tombstone Wednesday!

Welcome back for another Tombstone Wednesday - Uncovering the secrets left for us by WED/Walt Disney Imagineering

Here Lies 
a Man Named Martin
The Lights Went Out 
On This Old Spartan

Disney Legend Bill Martin was invited by Walt Disney himself in 1953 to help with the creation of Disneyland.  He contributed to the designs of Sleeping Beauty Castle, Peter Pan's Flight, and the Haunted Mansion, to name a few.

In 1971, he was named V-P of design at WED (Walter Elias Disney) Enterprises, overseeing the master layout of the Magic Kingdom.  His projects included Main Street, U.S.A., Cinderella Castle, and the Utilidors, among so many other things!

He retired in 1977, but consulted on pavilions for EPCOT Center and Tokyo Disneyland.

Talk about a true Disney Legend!

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