Monday, August 13, 2012

Movie Fun - A Bug's Life!

As you may know, Pixar is infamous for leaving special 'easter eggs' or, hidden treasures, in each of their films.  I love that they continue the trend and specific scenes can be viewed in several movies!

A Bug's Life is no different.  

  • A113 - the famous classroom from Cal Arts that so many animators reference is scene as Flix enters the big city on the side of a box
  • The Pizza Planet Truck - located outside a trailer home that 2 flies are trying to avoid the bug zapper... unsuccessfully!
  • John Ratzenberger - He is P.T. Flea!
Did you notice the name of the Circus?  Casey's Jr. Circus Train - that's a reference to Casey Junior, the famous little train from Dumbo!

Being the 2nd movie Pixar released, there aren't too many specific easter eggs, but make sure to keep your eyes out - you may even see that same Pizza Planet Truck and trailer in another movie...

It can be Tough to Be a Bug, don't you think?

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