Monday, August 27, 2012

One for the dogs

Is Goofy a dog?  Did anyone ever decide?  He's that weird ambiguous friend that's pretty much a dog, but when you consider that Pluto is Mickey's dog pet, why would he have a dog friend?
January 2012
My two year old loves dogs, both at Disney and at home.  And, up until Friday, we had two.

That picture is from 2008, right after we rescued Koufax, the smaller dog on the left.  Bailey, the dog on the right, I rescued in 2006, a mere 3 days before I met my husband.

Unfortunately, when I rescued Bailey, they guessed that he was anywhere from 7-10 years old.  He already had some senior dog issues that had to be taken care of with twice daily medicine for the past 5 years.
The little one isn't so little anymore.. over 80 lbs

Over the past week, he simply stopped eating as much as normal.  He was always stubborn, so we gave him rice, which he would eat... until a couple of days later.  Than he ate nothing and we took him to the vet to find out that his liver was gone.  The vet said the road to recovery was slow and improbable.. and we had already decided to to prolong him with painful procedures that would keep him with us, but in such a shell of his former, occasionally cuddly dog.  The vet didn't think he would last the weekend...

So, while also celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary and Zachary being 4 months old on the 26th,  we also lost a member of our family - one that was around before we became a family.  And, even though he was old and crotchety, we loved him very much.  And, I'm glad I gave a once death-row rescue dog a good home for 6 years.  


  1. I am sorry to read this, Jenn! I was thinking of you all weekend. He was so lucky to have been rescued by you! I am sure he loved every minute of watching your family grow!

  2. So sad to lose a family member. And yes, so happy you gave him 6 years of being a family member.

  3. That is so tough! I'm sorry for your loss :( losing a dog (in my opinion) is just as hard as loosing a family member.

  4. Jenn I am truly sorry for your loss. You have your little guy a wonderful life for 6 years and in return you will never forget his loyalty. Hugs to you and I am so sorry for you and your family.