Monday, August 20, 2012

Potty Break!

The past 4 trips we've taken to Walt Disney World, Noah was 2 and under.  He was 100% in diapers and we never had to think about things like potty breaks.

But now, after a long weekend, I'm proud to say that Noah is.. well, sort of potty trained.  We've started the process.  He went thru more than a dozen pairs of underwear (mostly Cars/Pixar themed!) during the past 2 days, but only 3 of them Sunday.  That to me shows progress!
Not a baby anymore!

I'm really glad that he'll have 6 months of potty trained experience (he's been sitting on the thing for probably a year, but we just made the switch from diapers this weekend), so he'll *hopefully* be more consistent and less likely to have a lot of accidents.

How will this change things?  What will we need to have and know?

  1. Extra sets of clothes for both children, but only diapers for the baby!
  2. Locations of bathrooms in all parks!  We can even make a game - find every restroom.  We could compare :)
  3. Post its - used to cover up the sensor on automatic flushing toilets.  Will this be a problem for us? Not sure yet, but I'll probably start bringing them along, just in case!
  4. Travel potty seat - Still figuring out if I need to throw one of these in my diaper bag.  What are your thoughts and experiences?
What am I missing?  What are some good tips for new bathroom users and leaving the house?  We stayed in all weekend!

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  1. While in the parks, when waiting in line be watchful of exits. See if you have to go back the way you came in or if there's a another way out, just in case you have a "potty emergency" while waiting