Monday, August 6, 2012

Top 5 for the Magic Kingdom

Top 5 Tips for Little Ones at the Magic Kingdom!

Are you ready?

  1. Get there early (especially if you have early risers - take advantage of it) and watch the Rope Drop, or simply arrive as the park opens. 
    1. If your kids are like mine and wake up extra early (and you're staying on property), head to the park with Morning Extra Magic Hours.  You'll do more in that first hour than you could imagine!
    2. You never know - you could be picked as the family of the day!
  2. Start with Fantasyland!
    1. Fantasyland is the best with small children - the most attractions for them, whether they're awake or asleep!
    2. Rides like Dumbo, Peter Pan's Flight, and Winnie the Pooh tend to gather long lines during the day, but if you start there first thing, you can ride with little to no line and even get a fast pass for later, if you would like!
  3. Nurse, nap, rest in air conditioning!
    1. Attractions like the Carousel of Progress and Hall of Presidents are great longer attractions to "take a rest" as Piper would say.
    2. Enjoy a scenic attraction such as the Wedway/Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover for entertainment, as well as a few minutes off of your feet.  Plus, it's often available with little to no wait!
  4. Take an afternoon break!  
    1. Especially when it's hot (when isn't it hot in Orlando?  Last January we were in shorts and tank tops!) head back to your resort for nap or pool time. You'll be refreshed and less likely to melt down later on!
    2. Avoid peak heat and crowds by skipping out after lunch time, or heading to a resort for lunch!
  5. Don't rush!
    1. With fastpass and rider swap options available, you'll be able to take in as many of the attractions as you want, but also let the kids play!
    2. Play areas in the queues for Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo are great areas to let kids be kids!  At Dumbo, you can cool off in the air conditioned play area while the kids enjoy burning off some steam.  No need to rush - just let them play and have fun!
Noah - 1 year old, playing in the Winnie the Pooh queue


  1. I agree with all you tips but number 2. If you have to go on Dumbo that number 2 stands but if not head on over to Tomorrowland first. We can ride Buzz Lightyear three time in a row without a line forming. Once the line forms we head to Fantasyland and can easily still hit all those rides (minus Dumbo). But with the new Dumbo not sure it that is an issue anymore.

  2. My opinion is because: peter pan always has a long line and the last few times we've been there, buzz has never been more than 20 minutes!

  3. Think mine is the boys have to play Buzz as much as possible!!! : ) The wait at Peter Pan is never more that 10 minutes when we get there at that time. The funny thing is Buzz will have no wait then after the 3rd time it can be up to 30 minutes. It's all the Space Mountain folks.