Monday, September 3, 2012


When it comes to Disney (well, everything), there are a more opinions out there than you can imagine.

And thanks to social media, there are too many ways to get information.

Recently, thanks to my (possible) favorite source, Pinterest, I read some of the worst information I've seen for scheduling a Disney trip.

  • Renting Park Tickets
    • The author of this particular article, rented a ticket from a glorified scalper and hoped that the cast members wouldn't be bothered by the finger printing not working.
    • Disney uses fingerprinting "biometrics" that are stored on the ticket and I found this:
      • The owners of the Walt Disney World Resort reserve the right to revoke the Annual Pass if it is presented for admission by anyone other than the Passholder of record or if the Passholder violates park policies
    • So, you are not only taking it upon yourself to rent a ticket that may not work, if it's taken away, you might be charged for the leftover days (check this before you consider renting.  Again, don't).
    • These ticket scams can also be found at local rest stops.  Don't by used tickets - while some cast members may let you in, you are not guaranteed to be let in!
  • Save Money at Cheap Local Hotels
    • Yes, of course this is a possibility.  You could easily stay in a fleabag hotel close to property.  Then, you can pay the $15/day for parking.  Or, as one person suggested, hop on the hotel shuttle, or any nearby shuttle.
      • Why is that a bad idea?  1 - you're on a Disney Vacation.  Unless you're there during the most popular times of year, the value resorts are under $100 a night.  That's a clean room with a mini fridge, free wifi, and a nice safe area to be around.  Plus, even the values are fun and themed.  While you may be paying a few more dollars a night, be assured that you are less likely to find bed bugs than at a local flea-bag.  
    • ****There are MANY nice hotels to stay at off property.  Many that can save you money.  Just make sure if you're trying to stay for less than $100 a night that you read reviews and do your research!!
    • If you rely on off-property shuttles, they are rarely on regular schedules - maybe once an hour.  Expect to wait.  And waste time waiting and in commuting.  And on vacation, time is money - especially with children!  Make sure that $20 a day is worth it!
    • Staying on property gives you access to Disney's Magical Express - a free shuttle to and from the Orlando Airport.  If you're considering a taxi when you stay off, make sure to add in the fair each way to your savings.. may even out!
  • Bring Your Own Food
    • I'm all about saving money when it comes to food - we bring snacks (bars, goldfish, applesauce) and often eat breakfast in our room.  But, not eating any meals?  That's missing a huge part of the Disney experience.
    • If you're not into food, than fine - go ahead and pack PB&J.  But, if you like food, there are some amazing restaurants and to not experience them turns your vacation into a trip to the mall.  It's a special vacation, try to enjoy it!
    • Plenty of restaurants have almost affordable meals.  Yes, everything is more expensive than it should be.  It's a theme park.  Expect and plan ahead by..
      • Check menus before you go - splitting entrees/appetizers is a great way to save!
      • Plan what counter service/table service meals.  Eat at the resorts for slightly less over-priced options!

To make sure you're taking advantage of all the discounts offered by The Disney Parks, be sure to book with an official Disney Travel agent, like Kelly, the Disney Guru.  As a fee-free travel agent, she will apply all discounts as they come to make sure you have the best rate available without you paying her at all!! Make sure to tell her I sent you!


  1. Yes! I agree with Everything you are saying. Then people will wonder why their vacation was awful when they do these things!

  2. Since I don't have anything nice to say about the article you are talking about (I read it too), I won't say anything other than thank you for posting ways to save money that are honest and will not sacrifice the Disney magic on a Disney trip. You have some of the best ways to save money listed here without sacrificing the Disney magic. We take full advantage of splitting meals because we too believe the dining is part of the Disney experience. I am all about saving money in Disney, and you definitely share some great ways to do just that!

  3. Wow Jenn...this is very important information. The point you mention about the values being 100 per day is not only true but a great point. I cannot believe that someone would write that article, that is horrible.Thanks for sharing!

  4. I didn't want to do a direct link to the article, but I'll email you the link. It's an amazing amount of horrible information.

  5. The article you reference is some of the worst information out there! We all enjoy saving money on our Disney vacations where we can but their ideas of savings are just wrong.Thanks for correcting their misguided misinformation!

  6. Amazing what some people will do. We do eat breakfast at the hotel and pack our own lunch and then opt to splurge and enjoy a nice dinner. Unless we are having our character breakfast.