Monday, September 24, 2012

Building Excitement!

We're just now (yesterday) 5 months until our next trip.  We head to Florida on February 22nd for our week-long Princess (half) Marathon excitement, and I already have the Disney countdown widget going strong on my phone (who am I kidding already? I've had it up since we got back from our last trip)!

I can't wait to walk down Main Street, U.S.A. again - though I'll be running through days before I actually walk it.  5 months to normal people is a long time, but to Disney people?  It's hard-core planning time.  ADR's (Advanced Dining Reservations) have been made, confirmation numbers for all reservations, dining, room, and flight, are all listed on my spreadsheet, and now we start to build excitement.

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to pull of a surprise trip with my kids - we go at least once a year, so it would have to be a 'random' time of year trip if we would have a chance.  But really, I love sharing my Disney love with them, so it would be very hard to pull off!

Just last week, I turned on the 2012 planning video, that I was sent by my fabulous travel agent, Kelly at The Disney Guru, sat Noah (he will be 3 in December) down at my computer, and created our maps for this trip.

Jack Sparrow doing his thing
More recently, I decided it was time I actually downloaded some Disney music on my phone.  I have Disney radio apps, but haven't figured out how to make them work thru the USB cord to play in my car.  And, though I mostly listen to podcasts, Noah doesn't pay attention at all and then I miss half of what was said... so, Disney Parks music it is!  Thanks to Amazon MP3, I have a new Disney album in my collection!

Yesterday morning, on our way to our normal weekend routine - farmers market then to lunch, I plugged in my phone and turned the music on.  My husband just doesn't get as into the trip planning as me - he enjoys Disney, but not quite on the same level.  Until the Pirates of the Caribbean ride music came on.  It starts with a few minutes of instrumental music with the words "Dead Men Tell No Tales" before the lyrics "Yo-Ho" come on.

Within a few seconds, my husband admitted that listening to the music made him excited for our trip.  And a few seconds after that?  Noah started singing along.  When I joined him, I was told "No, not you mommy."  And he continued to sing.

At a play date later in the day, he ran around playing and singing Yo Ho.  I can't wait for him to actually go on the ride and sing along!

How do you build excitement for your trips?


  1. I have 46 days until my trip.
    I am going solo and got the quick service dining plan free. I only have one ADR and that is at Le Cellier.
    I may go on a tour, Wild Africa Trek. I like not making much in the way of plans while going solo. When I travel with other people they always expect me to make all the arrangements and be a tour guide.
    I will be spending some time in the next few weeks researching the menus of the quick service places so I can figure out allergy safe meals.
    I have the Disney countdown widget on my computer at work and at home.
    I play music at work and at home as well, not all the time, just when I need a hit of Disney.
    I will be there for the Festival of Masters, the end of Food and Wine Festival and the start of all the Christmas stuff!
    Pretty excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We listen to Disney music everyday! We have about 5 cds we rotate through. Especially when we are in the car, certain songs get the kids reminiscing about previous trips, which of course, always leads to a discussion about out upcoming trip! I love it! But I am especially excited we will be there at the same time as you! I cannot wait to finally meet in person!