Thursday, September 6, 2012

Excited to See...

The current trip that we're planning is going to be different from our past trips in several ways.  The past 4 trips, we've had just the 3 of us.  My parents usually come for 1 day (S. Florida residents - it's a 3 hour drive) or enough to babysit while we run.  And, like the past race weekends, my parents will stay with us in a villa at Old Key West (hooray for renting DVC) until the day of the race, when they will head back to their home, sans parks.
Marathon weekend 2011
BUT, for this trip, my in-laws are coming!  They live near us here and Noah is very attached to his Nana.  They won't be joining us until after the race, but Noah has already talked about riding on the monorail with them!

And, having them come, I had the pleasure of helping them decide wear to stay - and convinced them to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge - in a Savannah View room, of course!

Though I don't get to sleep there, I'm excited to see the inside of one of these rooms!  The resort itself is stunning.  Plus, from the room (instead of out back in line with everyone else), you can use the resort's night vision goggles.  And, can you imagine waking up to the view of the animals?
Well, if you're not fortunate enough (or ready to splurge) to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, it's a great place to visit for meals - Sanaa, Jiko (Signature), or Boma (buffet), or just to walk around!  There are plenty of great viewing areas for those not in the fancy rooms!


  1. I would love to stay there one of these years! Maybe after the race, I will have to go meet your in laws and check out their room! ;-) (just kdding!)

  2. I would love to stay at the animal kingdom lodge some time! I have heard nothing but fabulous things about it.


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