Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Renting DVC!

I am so excited!  For our February trip, we're doing something new to us: renting DVC!  Friend of a friend type of thing for us, but there are several well reputed brokers who do the in-between work for renting points..

This may be a confusing process..  Let me break it down a little (again, this is new to me, too!)

  1. What is DVC? Disney Vacation Club is Disney's take on timeshare.  
  2. How do I buy into DVC? Have a lot of extra money laying around and give it to DVC straight up, or through a secondary source by buying resale (I've been told over and over, if you have to finance it, it's not worth it!)
  3. What are points? Instead of a standard timeshare that says you own a specific week at one place, DVC sells by the point.  Depending on what time of year and which resort, you'll find a different amount of points per night.  Take Animal Kingdom Lodge for example.  In January 2012, a studio will cost 9 points per night/12 points for weekends or 69 points per week.
  4. How do you rent points?  Points brokers go in between DVC owners and renters to help find points.  They assign a price, take a 'small' fee, and do the work for you!  Renting can save a lot of money from staying Deluxe through Disney.  Again with AKL, a standard rental through a broker is $12-$13 per night.  69 x $12 = $828 for a week at the Animal Kingdom Lodge by renting these points, as opposed to an average of $300 per night renting a hotel room.
  5. What are the draw backs? Whether you're dealing with a broker or a complete stranger, you're handing over money to someone you don't know.  The broker does the dirty work, but the risks are about the same.  To avoid broker fees, you can always look on the DisBoards or other friendly sites - look for people with good reviews.  I've heard you can sometimes find rentals for $8-9 per night!
  6. Why doesn't everyone do this all the time? Because there is something about the security of simply booking through Disney (or through your friendly Travel Agent).  Also, you lose out on perks, such as free dining, though you can purchase the dining plan along your room reservation.     
  7. Can I still use the Magical Express?  Yes!  Absolutely.  Along with the point fees, you pay a small fee (I think it's $95) and that covers transportation fees, magical express, etc... 
  8. Do they know I'm a renter and not an owner?  Nope!  Well, I've heard some people have complaints, but no, they shouldn't know.  All perks open to DVC members are (should) be open for renters.  
So, I'm taking my money into my own hands and renting points for our February vacation.  I'm very excited about staying at Disney's Old Key West resort!  I keep hearing great things about all the perks, and I'll be sharing some of those with you in the coming days!

Have you ever rented points?  What have your experiences been like?  Please share!!


  1. Oh this is so cool! I did not know this was an option! Hmmm....now I want to learn more! HELP!

  2. There are a ton of options! One that comes highly recommended from WDW Today/Unofficial Guide is David's DVC rentals - $13 per point (higher than others)
    http://www.dvcrequest.com/ and another one I've heard good things about is

  3. Great post! We've rented out our DVC points to people when we couldn't use them and I always feel like we're sharing a bit of the Disney magic.Thanks for sharing and for joining in on the Disney Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop today!

  4. We seem to plan trips too spur of the moment to really rent points. My brother is going in January and just rented points with David's DVC Rentals. They are staying in a two bedroom at AKL.

  5. No fees for magical express --- there is a $95 fee if you convert your DVC points into something else ... To stay at a Disney Collection resort, to use points for the cruise, adventures by Disney or to RCI points. :-)