Monday, September 17, 2012

Run for the Mountains!

As many of you know, training for Walt Disney's Worlds (runDisney) Princess Half Marathon in February. And while that run is... 160+ days away, I also have a half marathon in October.. sort of a "get off your butt and get moving/lose the baby weight and get in shape the hard way" run.
WDW Marathon Weekend Family Fiesta 5k 2012 - 6 months pregnant

Today (okay, last night) begins the Jewish year 5773.  Good Yom Tov to those of you celebrating!  And instead of waiting for January to make my New Years Resolution, I like this second chance to restart and really get a grasp on my goals.

With running, that means accepting that it's okay to take time for myself to run or practice yoga.  I'm a better mom, wife, and human when I have my "happy" endorphins!  Plus, being military, that whole running thing is literally required for work, so it has to be a priority.

Plus, it gives us an excuse to visit Disney!

If you've never runDisney, you're missing out.  Well, you're saving money, but you're missing out on a great experience!  The Disney races are very pricey, but that's expected at Disney.  Plus, they're the most fun you'll ever have running!  From 5k to Full marathon (26.2), you run through and around the parks, have entertainment along the way, and meet the characters!
WDW Marathon Weekend Half Marathon 2011

I've runDisney twice - have you?

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  1. Signed up for the Jingle Jungle 5K at this year's Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend. This will be my first runDisney event. I am excited to run through the Animal Kingdom with a Christmas theme.