Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week In Review!!

Since I've been SO bed about trying to promote my posts, I've decided to start a Week in Review - you can find links to all the weeks posts in one quick post!  Hope you enjoy!

  • Monday, I shared some of the dangers people may find when following bad advice that I've read when it comes to traveling to Walt Disney World!!  
  • I jumped aboard the Magical Blogorail Peach on Tuesday, where we talked about which character we would love to be, or experience being if for only one day!
  • On Wednesday, guest blogger Lynn talked about her first trip with kids - deciding when to go, how long, tickets, strollers, and much more!
  • Thursday I talked about the Animal Kingdom Lodge, since I will finally be able to see the inside of a room!
  • On Friday, I discussed how I'm trying to Resist researching everything about the Fantasyland Expansion, in hopes of really being able to experience everything for the first time in February!

Hope you enjoy the week in review and look forward to more posts to come!

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