Monday, October 29, 2012

Lion King Love

Please welcome back friend and guest blogger Melissa from Picturing Disney!  I hope you enjoy her post on the Lion King - she always has fun insight to share as well as amazing pictures.  I'm so happy to have her guest blogging again!

I may be aging myself but The Lion King speaks to me in a way that only a childhood favorite can! I still remember seeing it on the big screen for the first time! A lover of Disney movies from a young age (and having a huge crush on the young and handsome JTT) my parents took me and my siblings to see it even though we were on vacation! From the moment the opening number began I knew it was going to be a welcome addition to the other new classics like Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid (which all happen to be personal favorites)! Since I did not visit Walt Disney World until my college graduation I was on the prowl, so to speak, to meet some of my favorites!

1.  Festival of the Lion King
Seemingly modeled after the wildly successful Broadway musical, Festival of the Lion King brings the story to life like its never come to life before! Don’t miss this show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

2.  Meet & Greets
You can frequently find Timon and Rafiki in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom as well as at Rafiki’s Planet Watch in Animal Kingdom.  They are also around at various other character spots in Animal Kingdom.  Be sure to check your Times Guide for daily details.  Also, if your heart is set on meeting them, they are available at the Garden Grove character meal at The Swan in the Epcot Resort Area
3.  Mickey’s Philharmagic
In what used to be the home of a different Lion King attraction, in the heart of Fantasyland, Mickey’s Philharmagic features a fun and adorable sequence with one of the film’s most beloved songs! You will be singing along as you experience this 4D attraction (a personal favorite)!

4.  Circle of Life
Timon and Pumbaa lead this great little film that teaches about the environment, and how to keep it healthy! Located in The Land, The Circle of Life is a great addition to the attractions in the pavillion.  You will see this safety-consicous duo featured on some of the Disney World buses as well, sharing more tips!

5.  Don’t forget to visit the real-life lions, meerkats, warthogs, and mandrills at Animal Kingdom’s Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and Kilimanjaro Safaris!
See these animals roaming the savannah and in their natural habitats in the amazing animal views areas and this fun filled safari ride!

Have you enjoyed some Lion King magic in the parks? What's your favorite place to catch your favorites?

Want to check out more pictures of Animal Kingdom as well as Walt Disney World and Disneyland? Come check out my photoblog, Picturing Disney!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Celebrating Disney - America Style

Welcome to those of you joining me from Walt Disney World: Not Just for Kids and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 2nd stop on our Magical Blogorail Green Loop.

Walt Disney loved America.  He was incredibly Patriotic.  He tried as hard as possible to enlist in the military for World War I, but he wasn't of age.  He even tried to forge his birth certificate to appear older, but his mother nixed that.  In World War II, The Disney Studios were taken over as a base by troops and he worked hard making propaganda films for the U.S. government and military.

Now at Walt Disney World, his American spirit still lives on in so many ways.  One of my favorite examples is showcased at the American Adventure Epcot's World Showcase.

My military duty station is home to the U.S. Army Fife and Drum Corps.

But, Epcot is home to The Spirit of America Fife and Drum Corps -

This small fife and drum corps celebrates The Fourth of July every day for thousands of people.  They have an amazing spirit and are so enjoyable to watch!

They come out, march around and do a few tunes, and then sing a few patriotic songs.  It's a great experience.  Even my son at 18 months joined in the patriotism!

There are so many ways to celebrate America at Walt Disney World, but this is one of my favorites!

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Disney Living.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Disneyland Halloween!

As a WDW person, I've heard many amazing things about Disneyland's Halloween celebrations.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to experience them yet, but don't worry!  Guest Blogger Lisa Robertson from Babes in Disneyland has written a fantastic article about bringing families and little ones to Halloween celebrations to the Disneyland Resort!

Disneyland is known for its magic and fun throughout the year, but many fans may not know that Halloween time has become one of the most popular seasons. In mid September each year, Disneyland is transformed into a fall wonderland filled with festive d├ęcor, mouth-watering special foods and more pumpkins than you can shade a candy corn at.

Families with Disney babies can make truly incredible memories with their little ones. Halloween can be tough because the events and festivities that go along with the holiday are often frightening for young children. Disneyland has it dialed in just right with just the right amount of scary and spooky mixed with great fun for the entire family. From pumpkin carving, art and game activities and petting goats and sheep at Big Thunder Ranch to becoming a pirate at the new Pirates League, Disneyland offers a lot of truly remarkable experiences for young children this time of year.

Learn more about the fun activities just for little ones this season at the Disneyland Resort.


To make the Halloween season even more special for Disneyland fans, the Park offers a special separate-ticket Halloween event each year called Mickey’s Halloween Party. On these days, the park closes a little early and guests attending this fun and “not-so-spooky” evening get to experience Halloween in a way only Disneyland could imagine. Party goers get to trick-or-treat throughout the park in costume, experience the “Halloween Screams” fireworks spectacular hosted by “Master of Scare-omonies” Jack Skellington, attend dance parties throughout the park, meet unique characters at fun photo locations throughout the park, experience “Mickey’s Costume Party” cavalcade and much, much more! 

Can’t make it to the Disneyland Resort this Halloween season? Do not fret! There are lots of things Disney fans can do to bring the magic of Disneyland home! While Disney websites like and the Disney Parks Blog offer great recipes and craft ideas, you can’t beat the craft ideas below from Disney decorating guru, Dave Caranci. 

Halloween Time begins each year in mid September and ends on November 1. For more information on visiting the Disneyland Resort with young children, head over to

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!

Did you know:
The technology used at the Haunted Mansion in rooms such as the ballroom - the illusion of the ghosts dancing - is a trick known as "Pepper's Ghost" and dates all the way back to the 16th century!  It's an effect using mirrors and lighting to make images appear in a room when they aren't there! 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Music in the Parks

I realized recently that I often ignore, blogging-wise, the fact that I am a professional musician.  And, at a place like Walt Disney World where music is an aspect of literally everything, from attraction, to queue, to restaurant, that I should spend a little time focusing on the different music around the parks. 

I love Disney music.  I regularly listen to different Disney radio stations, like Reedy Creek Radio, Sorcerer Radio, or Mouse World Radio (there are dozens on Live365) or even Discot, where you can choose what you want to listen to whenever you want.  Music sets the theme of the different lands - the time periods, styles, and melodies can trigger memories, or at least help to immerse you into the part of the world that you are. 

But, the one that I was thinking of when I started thinking about this project was Liberty Square.
Located in the Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square is a colonial town with several references to the 13 original colonies, Paul Revere, and even an exact replica of the Liberty Bell.  The point is to fully immerse you into 16th century America, to the point that the only restrooms you can find are technically in Fantasyland.

But, in the music in Liberty Square?  Marches.  John Philip Sousa and his contemporaries. Everyone is familiar with Stars and Stripes Forever (the National March.  Did you know we had a National March?) or The Liberty Bell March, but they don't quite fit with the feel of this area.  They are absolutely patriotic and are reminiscent of 4th of July Parades, military celebrations and ceremonies, but definitely not the 1700's.  In fact, Stars and Stripes Forever wasn't published until 1897, so the dates are definitely off!

In my research, I found a thread from 2010 that said they had switched to more colonial style music, similar to what you'll hear at the American Adventure in EPCOT, but last time I was there, I definitely heard some marches.  Honestly, I don't even realize I'm singing and fingering along with the marches, but seeing that I'm a clarinetist and play them regularly at work, it's second nature - my fingers know where to go even if my mind is turned off!

For true colonial style music, make sure to listen to the colonial fife and drum corps at the American Adventure - much more true to Colonial marches than the Sousa ones!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tuesday Trivia!

Did you know:
When Michael Eisner was CEO for Disney, he had a strong interest in architecture.  When it came time for the 2 hotels near EPCOT to be built, on a deal made prior to Eisner becoming CEO, he worked his way and was able to choose his architect.  He chose Michael Graves, a fairly prominent architect (I think.  I'm no architecture junkie, but Wiki made him sound important) who has been designing since the late 1960's. This is how the Swan and Dolphin came to be!

Now, Michael Graves may sound familiar - the reason I first knew his name?  His line for Target!  He had a commercial for a "stylish" hand-held vacuum a couple of years ago.  

Now you know :)

Starting off Slowly

With our trip now just over 4 months away, we're talking and thinking about our trip all the time.

We're very excited that our older son, who turns 3 in December, will be tall enough for at least a few of the "big kid" attractions-

But, a part of me is worried that he will be scared.  This isn't new - I've been thinking about this for a while now.  
Ride Fear from a local fair

The good part of the big "scary" rides - he will be sitting next to us, so hopefully that will help.  Plus, he's often the type that when he falls and gets hurt or scared, he generally wants to do the exact same thing again.  Within a few minutes.  

So, my new idea?

Our first morning we'll be starting at The Animal Kingdom.  Why?  Morning EMH plus lunch reservations at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Win-win.

But, what to do after lunch?  AK always closes around 5, so that's sort of pointless.  I've been fighting EPCOT (for the incredible dinner options) or MK (b/c I love it) for a while, but I realized a few things:
  1. We'll have a pretty big lunch, so dinner could easily be a quick service
  2. We can get the boys hair cuts the first day so they don't look like shaggy beasts for the rest of the trip!
  3. We can try a couple of the "scary" attractions that first afternoon and if it leads to a meltdown, it won't ruin the entire day.
So, that's my decision.  We'll try out The Barnstormer and Noah's current favorite - Pirates of the Caribbean (we listen to "Yo-Ho!" every time we're in the car.  Usually more than once.) our first park day!

I'd love to hear your opinions and experiences!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Let Down Your Hair

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Blue. Today, we are sharing with you some of our favorite Disney movie scenes that we would to see recreated as a Disney attraction

It's funny - when I came up with this topic, I thought it would be easy, but boy was I wrong! 

My first choice - the movie that we watched and thought "that needs to be a ride" was Monsters, Inc.  Of course, the Disney's Imagineers have thought the same things with rumors of the Monsters, Inc/University Flying Doors Roller Coaster going around for years

My second thought was to cheat and go to Disney Junior - who doesn't want a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Attraction?  But, that's not a movie, so I kept on thinking...

Next thought?  Flight of the Navigator - I loved that movie growing up and I remember a rumor a couple of years ago that they may be re-doing it... It would be a perfect simulator like Star Tours, but I don't actually like those attractions, so I kept thinking..

Then came Princess and the Frog- an update to the Riverboat.  And, while I still think that's a great idea (come on, Animatronic Alligator playing trumpet?), I eventually decided on:

Picture from

One of my favorite rides growing up was at Opryland (Nashville, TN.. now a shopping mall) - the swings.  I think the Silly Symphony Swings at Disney's California Adventure are the same type of ride, though I've never experienced them.. one day!

For Rapunzel's Swings, I would have center/to look like her tower and the swings hanging from her hair (obviously).  But, I would love to see them going up and down from the tower before they go around.  Nothing to crazy to make people ill (think Mission: Space), but to have the feeling that Rapunzel really is lifting you up with her hair..  Plus, I love Tangled!

What would you turn into an attraction?  I'd love to hear your thoughts, but while you're still here, check out what some of my blogging friends would do!

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Capturing Magical Memories

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Running for Hope

Last Sunday, I completed my 3rd half marathon - a 13.1 mile run.  I did 2 in 2011, January at Walt Disney World and June in the wine country of Virginia.
Races generally raise money for something - WDW Marathon Weekend raises money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  A part of the high fee that you're paying goes to that charity.  But, on to top of it, we joined the WDW Radio Running Team - Lou Mongello's Team - to raise money for Make A Wish Foundation.  Lou and his team have helped send multiple Make A Wish children to Walt Disney World for vacations - and I think that's amazing.

I've enjoyed being part of that team - I even caught up with a few of them during the 5k back in January.

But, I've since thought of a few charities that have even more meaning - not that the others aren't amazing, but some hit closer to home.  

I've teamed together with a few members of The Magical Blogorail to form our own running team to support charities that really hit home with us.
Mary for Capturing the Memories is to thank for this amazing logo

Within the Disney blogging community that I have come to be a part of, as well as coworkers, and I'm sure eventually friends, Autism is everywhere.  No one seems to know what causes it, and with the doctors being more aware and catching it earlier than ever, it seems as though it's everywhere.  Groups such as Autism Speaks are out there trying to find a cure/prevention - and I'm excited to run for that cause.

Another amazing cause?  Team Dustin.  Beth, owner of Pursuing the Magic and creator of The Magical Blogorail is a mother of 3 adorable children and an aunt to (at least) 3 more beautiful boys.  But, 1 of those little boys she knows and loves has Stage 4 Neuroblastoma a horribly invasive cancer that for some awful reason targets small children.  Dustin is 2 and has already undergone multiple rounds of chemotherapy and is currently in NYC (from his home in TX) awaiting surgery to remove the cancerous tumor.  SURGERY.   For a 2 year old.  Because of cancer.  Every time I read about it, I cry and run to spend time with my 2 year old, appreciating him even when he's in his the midst of his "terrible two" moments.  

From Dustin's Grandfather:
In June 2012, our family received devastating news that our grandson Dustin Pickel was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma.  Dustin is two years old and lives with his father and mother, Jeff and Kelly Pickel, along with his two brothers, Braden five and Collin ten months, in Round Rock Texas.

Neuroblastoma is a rare cancer of the sympathetic nervous system — a nerve network that carries messages from the brain throughout the body. Each year there are about 700 new cases in the United States. It is usually found in young children and is the most common cancer among infants.  Dustin’s tumor began in his adrenal gland and spread to his bone marrow.

Once Dustin’s tumor was diagnosed, a treatment protocol was developed by the doctors at Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin Texas.  Unfortunately the tumor was too large for surgery and required chemotherapy to reduce it before surgery could be considered.  Dustin has completed four rounds of chemotherapy and has one remaining treatment.  Surgery is scheduled for October 12th.  The chemo has taken its toll on Dustin’s body.  He has under gone numerous tests and blood transfusions as the chemo destroys his immune system.  Since this is a rare cancer, Jeff and Kelly researched the best place for Dustin to have his surgery and a surgeon who specializes in this type of cancer.  They found such a place and surgeon at Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City.

The surgery will require him to be hospitalized for three to four weeks with additional chemo and radiation.  After the surgery, he will make approximately sixteen additional trips to New York for the 3F8 Monoclonal antibody treatments.  Because of the amount of care Dustin requires, Kelly has had to resign from her job at Dell Computer where she has worked for thirteen years.
So, I couldn't think of any better idea than trying to help raise money for not 1, but 2 amazing causes.  

As a team, we're only asking for a small donation - $50 (minimum).  It can be split between the 2 charities, go directly towards 1, or however you'd like.  We will have a Team Autism Speaks page to donate on and we'll figure out a group way to help that beautiful 2 year old boy.  As of now, donations can be made via checks payable to “Team Dustin Donation Fund” care of Wells Fargo Bank, 271 University Oaks Blvd, Round Rock, Texas 78665.  Unfortunately, the Team Dustin Donation is not tax deductible, but it's still an amazing cause. 

We're planning to make shirts for the race - wicking (I'm picky with my running clothes) and we can also make spectator shirts, if people want those as well.  I will personally be at the Princess Half Marathon, but we'll hopefully have some runners at all of the runDisney events in the future!  We hoe you will join us in running for some amazing people.

To Join the Magical Blogorail Running Team, email with your name, shirt size, and races you'll be at and stop by our facebook page for updates!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia!

Did You Know:
The newly opened Art of Animation Resort was originally intended to be a second half of Pop Century? It was originally going to be called "The Legendary Years."  Pop Century had many problems of it's own, being built at the beginning of the recession when tourism in Florida was dropping.  The original opening date was December 2001, and the half that we know today as Pop Century opening in December 2003.  

Instead of finishing The Legendary Years, they created the Art of Animation.  I think the Legendary Years sounds pretty cool, but I love AoA and can't wait to visit it!
Thanks to Jodi from Magical Mouse Schoolhouse for this great pic!

For more info, check out this great post from

New Fantasyland!!

As I'm sure everyone knows, "New Fantasyland" is preparing to open - the official Grand Opening is December 6th (and Noah's 3rd birthday!) with previews and soft openings in mid-November.

I mentioned that my goal is to avoid pictures - I'm excited to actually have something new to see.   Okay, in my life, EPCOT center opened (I was 1), MGM turned Hollywood Studios opened as did the Animal Kingdom.  But, something major and new at the Magic Kingdom?  I am very excited.

Construction of New Fantasyland as seen in January 2012
So, what is there to see?

Storybook Circus now open
  • Home to the new and improved Dueling Dumbos - I've seen pictures of this attraction at night - Dumbo now flies over a fountain with stunning lights.  I can't wait to check this one out!
    • Dumbo has an interactive queue - an indoor playground!  The visuals take you into the circus tent, though I have been warned - don't climb in!  It's definitely not big enough for the adults!
    • Casey Jr. Splash and Soak - Casey Jr's Circus Train from Dumbo has a splash play area - I've heard you will get soaked! 
    • Elephants walking?  Look down to see elephant foot prints and peanuts stuck in the ground!
  • The Barnstormer featuring the Great Goofini - a re-theming of an old 1st Coaster (height requirement only 35" - the shortest in all of WDW)
  • Pete's Silly Sideshow:
    • Character Meet and Greets -
    • Hosted by Pete, everyone's favorite big grumpy cat - you'll find Daisy, Donald, Minnie, and Goofy.  I'm guessing Mickey will stay in Town Square without Minnie?  Anyone know more details on that?
Enchanted Forest opening Dec. 6th
  • Prince Eric's Castle - home to...
    • Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure - a new dark ride (to WDW) - this has been at Disney's California Adventure since 2011.
  • Ariel's Grotto...
    • Home to an Ariel Meet n Greet
  • Belle's Village
    • Walk through Belle's Village, just steps from..
    • Have a snack or a drink at Gaston's Tavern - no alcohol - just a quick service/snack stop!
  • Beast's Castle
    • Home to the Be Our Guest Restaurant - a fancier counter service for lunch and table service at dinner - selling alcohol for the first time ever in The Magic Kingdom during dinner
    • Enchanted Tales with Belle - in the Library at the Castle - a "lively retelling" of a tale as old as time...
  • The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - won't be open until 2014, but this new style of roller coaster looks AMAZING - a swaying mine car!  I can't wait to see it!
From what I've heard, this area is going to be stunning - I mean, it has two new castles, neither of which will take away from THE castle (Cinderella Castle, of course), but should add some extra special magic to a day at the park.  Be Our Guest is filling up for dinner reservations as soon as they open, but luckily it is walk up for lunch, so don't worry if you miss your 180 day mark!

What part are you most excited for?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

And more Discounts!

Attention Disney Visa Card Holders!!!!

Save up to $600 on a 5-night/6-day Walt Disney Travel Co. room, ticket and dining plan package for stays most nights 1/2 – 3/7/2013 at select Walt Disney World® Resort hotels.1

Take advantage of this advanced booking offer, one of the many perks of being a Disney Visa Card Holder!

While you're at Walt Disney World® Resort, be our guest - the magic never ends when you stay at a Disney Resort. You'll enjoy an array of special Disney touches like:
·         Extra Magic Hours at the parks. Each day, one of the parks offers extended hours, so you can enjoy select attractions (valid park admission and Resort ID required).
·         Access entertaining amenities at Disney Resort hotels, like pools with slides, activity programs and restaurants.
·         Complimentary motorcoach transportation between Orlando International Airport and your Disney Resort hotel AND throughout Walt Disney World® Resort, as well.

Plus, experience the New Fantasyland®
It's the perfect time to visit a legendary world—New Fantasyland®. Enter Prince Eric's Castle and ride through Ariel's world, dine in Beast's Castle and join Belle for a retelling of the "tale as old as time." Or head to Storybook Circus, where you can soar above two Dumbo the Flying Elephant® attractions, cool off at the Casey Jr. Splash 'N' Soak Station and fly a stunt plane with the Great Goofini. Visit more information.

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Ready for some Discounts?

Hello Disney Babies Blog Fans!! This is Kelly Ortiz with Disney Guru Travel!! I wanted to let you know about the current specials and promotions that are available for YOU!  Want a quote or more information about planning your next Disney vacation with us? Contact me at for more details. My services are FREE and include a free Disney Gift Card. 

Walt Disney World

Holiday Resort Room Discount – Save up to 30% on your resort room most nights from November 1-December 22!   Park tickets and dining can be added to make a magical and affordable package!  Rooms are limited and you must book by October 31st.

Military Discount - Active duty and retired members of the U.S. military can get specially discounted rooms at the Disney resorts most nights from October 1, 2012 – September 28, 2013

  • Exceptions: 
    • November 22, 2012 through November 24, 2012 
    • December 23, 2012 through December 31, 2012 
    • March 25, 2013 through April 4, 2013.   

Military service members can also get up to (6) 4-day Park Hopper tickets for just $156.00 at their base ticket sales office.
**Note from Jenn - you can also purchase these at the Shades of Green or any ticket office at WDW, but you can get them tax free at your own base/post ticket office!

Disney Cruise Line

Amazing Deal On Cruises From Galveston!  Book a 7-night Western Caribbean cruise starting at $599* per person, based on double occupancy, in an Inside Stateroom aboard the Disney Magic.  Government Taxes and Fees  of approximately $55 per person are not included.  Available most sail dates Sept. 22 - Nov. 10, 2012

Special Veranda Offer On Galveston Sailings  Book a veranda stateroom (categories 5A-7A) for the price of an ocean-view stateroom (categories 9A-9D) on most 7-night Western Caribbean sailings from Galveston, Texas, Sept. 22 – Dec. 21, 2012.  (Offer excludes November 17th sailing).

Military Discount - Special military rates are available for cruises through December 2012.  As low as $60 per guest per night!  Rates vary by cruise.  

Canada Resident Rates -- Canadian residents can receive a 15% discount off prevailing rates as quoted on on most California Coastal sailings commencing Sept. 16 - Oct. 7, 2012.
Offer applies to Categories 4A - 11A staterooms

Wondering what we offer to our clients? Check out our Mousetamonials!!! Wishing you a very magical day!


Make sure to tell her that Jenn from Disney Babies Blog recommended you!!  I've used her myself and she is FANTASTIC to work with!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October Giveaway!

In honor of Halloween, I've once again teamed up with a great group of Disney bloggers to offer a big giveaway - $100 Visa Gift Card and a Halloween Prize Pack!

Are you ready?


  • It is mandatory to leave a comment. If for some reason you are unable to on the site you are on check the other participating blogs running this giveaway and try there.
  • All rafflecopter entries go to the same contest no matter what participating blog you are on.
  • One of the extra entries is to leave a comment on another post. You can comment on a different post on any of the participating blogs just make sure you put the link to it in the rafflecopter.
  • Winner will be announced at via a post entitled "Halloween Winner". Winner must contact DragynAlly via email within one week of winner announcement. It is the responsibility of the winner to check to see if they have won. After a week if the winner has not come forward a new winner will be drawn. 
  • It is not my responsibility to make this giveaway easy for you. If you do not have a compatible browser or the widget I use for comments doesn't work for you it is a shame but there is nothing I can do. Entering this giveaway is completely optional. Those who choose to will have the opportunity to win.

Giveaway starts October 3 at midnight and ends October 17 midnight EST. Many will enter one will win.
Good luck! And may the best ghoul or dracula win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, October 1, 2012

Tiggerrific Tuesday Trivia

Did you know:
When Walt Disney's housekeeper, Thelma Howard, started working for the Disney family in 1951, Walt chose to give her shares of Disney stock instead of cash for bonuses each year.  She kept those stocks and when she died in 1994, had 9.5 million dollars, almost entirely due to those stocks!

Lucky woman!

Thinking about the Plane trip...

It's been a while since I've talked about flying..

I wrote about how the trips changed from 4 months thru 18 months in Flying Thru the Years.

With Noah, we started off holding him...

To strapping him in his car seat...

to buckling him into a CARES harness (not a sponsored endorsement, I promise!)
CARES harness
In February, we will be combing methods bringing both kids - Z will be on our laps and Noah will be in his harness.

I'm already starting to think about our packing list for the airport and flight.

  • Cares harness 
  • Books for both boys
  • Snacks!!  Z will be 10 months, so I'm sure cheerios and puffs will be a must!
  • Tablets - one for me, one for my husband, and one for Noah!
    • Kid friendly tablet (my husband bought one thinking it would be awesome - one of the first Android tablets released.  Sadly, it wasn't awesome and after months of not selling on ebay, we're going to load it with games and movies just for Noah!)
    • "Preschool games" - puzzle games, matching games, letter games, counting games, etc...
    • Digital movies - most movies these days are coming with digital downloads - we'll be adding a few to "Noah's tablet!"
    • Headphones to go along with these
  • Blankets/Layers - we'll be traveling in February.  We'll have coats at the airport that we can throw into our luggage, but we'll need layers for the plane - you just never know what temp they'll be!
  • Toys - Noah always loves having cars - maybe some arts and crafts, Z - well, we'll see what he likes at 10 months!  I'm sure we'll bring a few for both of them!
Will be bring a stroller for the airport?  That one I'm not sure about - we'll be renting again from Kingdom Strollers, so we could bring a single thru the airport.. but I'm guessing I'll just babywear.  Who knows what carrier I'll prefer by then - maybe even something new! 
They can't stay this small forever!

What do you make sure to bring on long trips?