Monday, October 29, 2012

Lion King Love

Please welcome back friend and guest blogger Melissa from Picturing Disney!  I hope you enjoy her post on the Lion King - she always has fun insight to share as well as amazing pictures.  I'm so happy to have her guest blogging again!

I may be aging myself but The Lion King speaks to me in a way that only a childhood favorite can! I still remember seeing it on the big screen for the first time! A lover of Disney movies from a young age (and having a huge crush on the young and handsome JTT) my parents took me and my siblings to see it even though we were on vacation! From the moment the opening number began I knew it was going to be a welcome addition to the other new classics like Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, and The Little Mermaid (which all happen to be personal favorites)! Since I did not visit Walt Disney World until my college graduation I was on the prowl, so to speak, to meet some of my favorites!

1.  Festival of the Lion King
Seemingly modeled after the wildly successful Broadway musical, Festival of the Lion King brings the story to life like its never come to life before! Don’t miss this show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

2.  Meet & Greets
You can frequently find Timon and Rafiki in Adventureland at Magic Kingdom as well as at Rafiki’s Planet Watch in Animal Kingdom.  They are also around at various other character spots in Animal Kingdom.  Be sure to check your Times Guide for daily details.  Also, if your heart is set on meeting them, they are available at the Garden Grove character meal at The Swan in the Epcot Resort Area
3.  Mickey’s Philharmagic
In what used to be the home of a different Lion King attraction, in the heart of Fantasyland, Mickey’s Philharmagic features a fun and adorable sequence with one of the film’s most beloved songs! You will be singing along as you experience this 4D attraction (a personal favorite)!

4.  Circle of Life
Timon and Pumbaa lead this great little film that teaches about the environment, and how to keep it healthy! Located in The Land, The Circle of Life is a great addition to the attractions in the pavillion.  You will see this safety-consicous duo featured on some of the Disney World buses as well, sharing more tips!

5.  Don’t forget to visit the real-life lions, meerkats, warthogs, and mandrills at Animal Kingdom’s Pangani Forest Exploration Trail and Kilimanjaro Safaris!
See these animals roaming the savannah and in their natural habitats in the amazing animal views areas and this fun filled safari ride!

Have you enjoyed some Lion King magic in the parks? What's your favorite place to catch your favorites?

Want to check out more pictures of Animal Kingdom as well as Walt Disney World and Disneyland? Come check out my photoblog, Picturing Disney!

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