Thursday, October 18, 2012

Music in the Parks

I realized recently that I often ignore, blogging-wise, the fact that I am a professional musician.  And, at a place like Walt Disney World where music is an aspect of literally everything, from attraction, to queue, to restaurant, that I should spend a little time focusing on the different music around the parks. 

I love Disney music.  I regularly listen to different Disney radio stations, like Reedy Creek Radio, Sorcerer Radio, or Mouse World Radio (there are dozens on Live365) or even Discot, where you can choose what you want to listen to whenever you want.  Music sets the theme of the different lands - the time periods, styles, and melodies can trigger memories, or at least help to immerse you into the part of the world that you are. 

But, the one that I was thinking of when I started thinking about this project was Liberty Square.
Located in the Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square is a colonial town with several references to the 13 original colonies, Paul Revere, and even an exact replica of the Liberty Bell.  The point is to fully immerse you into 16th century America, to the point that the only restrooms you can find are technically in Fantasyland.

But, in the music in Liberty Square?  Marches.  John Philip Sousa and his contemporaries. Everyone is familiar with Stars and Stripes Forever (the National March.  Did you know we had a National March?) or The Liberty Bell March, but they don't quite fit with the feel of this area.  They are absolutely patriotic and are reminiscent of 4th of July Parades, military celebrations and ceremonies, but definitely not the 1700's.  In fact, Stars and Stripes Forever wasn't published until 1897, so the dates are definitely off!

In my research, I found a thread from 2010 that said they had switched to more colonial style music, similar to what you'll hear at the American Adventure in EPCOT, but last time I was there, I definitely heard some marches.  Honestly, I don't even realize I'm singing and fingering along with the marches, but seeing that I'm a clarinetist and play them regularly at work, it's second nature - my fingers know where to go even if my mind is turned off!

For true colonial style music, make sure to listen to the colonial fife and drum corps at the American Adventure - much more true to Colonial marches than the Sousa ones!

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  1. Interesting point, I would never have known this Jenn. Like you I LOVE music!!! Great post!!