Monday, October 15, 2012

Starting off Slowly

With our trip now just over 4 months away, we're talking and thinking about our trip all the time.

We're very excited that our older son, who turns 3 in December, will be tall enough for at least a few of the "big kid" attractions-

But, a part of me is worried that he will be scared.  This isn't new - I've been thinking about this for a while now.  
Ride Fear from a local fair

The good part of the big "scary" rides - he will be sitting next to us, so hopefully that will help.  Plus, he's often the type that when he falls and gets hurt or scared, he generally wants to do the exact same thing again.  Within a few minutes.  

So, my new idea?

Our first morning we'll be starting at The Animal Kingdom.  Why?  Morning EMH plus lunch reservations at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Win-win.

But, what to do after lunch?  AK always closes around 5, so that's sort of pointless.  I've been fighting EPCOT (for the incredible dinner options) or MK (b/c I love it) for a while, but I realized a few things:
  1. We'll have a pretty big lunch, so dinner could easily be a quick service
  2. We can get the boys hair cuts the first day so they don't look like shaggy beasts for the rest of the trip!
  3. We can try a couple of the "scary" attractions that first afternoon and if it leads to a meltdown, it won't ruin the entire day.
So, that's my decision.  We'll try out The Barnstormer and Noah's current favorite - Pirates of the Caribbean (we listen to "Yo-Ho!" every time we're in the car.  Usually more than once.) our first park day!

I'd love to hear your opinions and experiences!

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  1. We like to have the kids at least try everything that they are tall enough for. Then if they don't like it they do not have to do it again. My kids have rarely said not to a second round. You guys are going to have a blast!!