Monday, October 1, 2012

Thinking about the Plane trip...

It's been a while since I've talked about flying..

I wrote about how the trips changed from 4 months thru 18 months in Flying Thru the Years.

With Noah, we started off holding him...

To strapping him in his car seat...

to buckling him into a CARES harness (not a sponsored endorsement, I promise!)
CARES harness
In February, we will be combing methods bringing both kids - Z will be on our laps and Noah will be in his harness.

I'm already starting to think about our packing list for the airport and flight.

  • Cares harness 
  • Books for both boys
  • Snacks!!  Z will be 10 months, so I'm sure cheerios and puffs will be a must!
  • Tablets - one for me, one for my husband, and one for Noah!
    • Kid friendly tablet (my husband bought one thinking it would be awesome - one of the first Android tablets released.  Sadly, it wasn't awesome and after months of not selling on ebay, we're going to load it with games and movies just for Noah!)
    • "Preschool games" - puzzle games, matching games, letter games, counting games, etc...
    • Digital movies - most movies these days are coming with digital downloads - we'll be adding a few to "Noah's tablet!"
    • Headphones to go along with these
  • Blankets/Layers - we'll be traveling in February.  We'll have coats at the airport that we can throw into our luggage, but we'll need layers for the plane - you just never know what temp they'll be!
  • Toys - Noah always loves having cars - maybe some arts and crafts, Z - well, we'll see what he likes at 10 months!  I'm sure we'll bring a few for both of them!
Will be bring a stroller for the airport?  That one I'm not sure about - we'll be renting again from Kingdom Strollers, so we could bring a single thru the airport.. but I'm guessing I'll just babywear.  Who knows what carrier I'll prefer by then - maybe even something new! 
They can't stay this small forever!

What do you make sure to bring on long trips?


  1. Love the tablet tip. I have noticed mine has been taken away by John. I think ebay may come in handy to get an old one to load with stuff for him.

  2. Those kindle fires are pretty cheap and really nice - plus b/c it's a kindle, you get all the free books. I'd get one of those if I had to do it all over again. Not like I had any choice - my husband buys them and tells me later..