Thursday, November 29, 2012

Safety Tat Review!

A few months ago, a reader asked if I knew a good way to have children labeled for safety.  What would you do if your child was separated from you?

There are a few options -
  1. A leash.  They're tempting, aren't they?  But, those are a no in my house.. My husband would rather run after our almost 3 year old than use one, so I leave that job up to him!
  2. A beaded necklace/bracelet with name/number in beads.  A good idea for girls, but not necessarily younger girls - beads are definitely a choking hazard, so be careful!
  3. Writing their names in their clothes.  And hopefully someone who finds them can realize that it's hidden on their tags.
Safety Tats are fantastic - Kids love temporary tattoos and the smart parents at Safety Tats combined the need for keeping connected with their parents and a fun tattoo together.  

For reviewing purposes, I chose to sample the SafetyTat QR - the safety tat that also has a QR code to hold extra information!

I found this one to be ingenious!  Everyone (okay, most everyone) these days has a qr scanner on their smart phones, so not only will you find the emergency contact number on the tattoo, but you can add extra information, such as allergies, disabilities  or maybe just a second or 3rd contact number!  

Actually, Safety Tat has come up with special tattoos for medical alerts and they can all have different designs!  There are so many great options for these tattoos!

With the SafteyTat QR, you have to give your information (up to 90 characters) when you're ordering and it will all be entered into the system.  The first thing we did when we received our SafetyTats was check the QR scanner - and it worked perfectly!  

We headed out to an air show with much less fear than normal that Noah would get lost!  He's always running to or from somewhere, so keeping an eye on him can be tricky!

We made sure to let him know that with SafetyTats,  he had the information on his arm.  Not only for one day, because these temporary tattoos will last multiple days.  Actually, my husband decided to try to take it off that night during Noah's bath and he couldn't get the whole thing off!

Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of Noah wearing it.  Why?  Because my husband put it on and took it off without my knowledge and with a newborn at home, I didn't remember to bring my camera to the airshow...   but TRUST me.  These are a great and inexpensive way to give your child emergency contact information in an easy to find place.

If you order now and use the code HOLIDAY2012, you can save 20% through December 5th.

BUT, one lucky reader will have the opportunity to win a pack of SafetyTat Quick Stick Write On-Multi 3 pack!

a Rafflecopter giveaway **SafetyTatsQR were provided to me for reviewing purposes but all opinions are 100% my own.**

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