Monday, November 12, 2012

Tiggerific Tuesday Trivia

Did you know:
The circular structure in EPCOT's China Pavilion is a smaller version of the Temple of Heaven located in Beijing, China, built between 1406-1420.  I saw billboards for it around Beijing and it was in every guide book, but without much free time, I never made it there.  I did, however, spend a few hours in The Forbidden City, built in the same dynasty and has very similar architecture!
EPCOT's China Pavilion - picture courtesy of

Entrance to the Forbidden City:

A similar structure to the Temple of Heaven, located in The Forbidden City:


  1. Wow! Disney Imagineers got that one right on the money! Glad you're back home & co-hosting with us again :)

  2. Glad your back! We really need to take more time to appreciate the China pavilion. We have spent minimal time there. I guess I will be adding that to our "must do" list for our next trip!

  3. I love how authentic everything is at Disney. It's even neater when you experience the "real thing" and see how much research must go into everything at Disney.

  4. Amazing architecture! I love how they spent the time and money to do replicate as much as they could!