Monday, November 26, 2012

Top 5 for a 2 year old Boy

Our next trip, my boys will be 3 and 10 months, so I'll be seeing for the first time what can really catch the eyes of a 3 year old (I've been at 6 and 13 months, so I have a pretty good guess what the 10 month old would be doing.. dark rides!).  We'll see if anything is similar!

  1. Walt Disney World Railroad - At 2, life was all trains.  Our magical ride around the Magic Kingdom was definitely a highlight of our trip!
  2. Train Set in the German Pavilion - More trains?  Make sure to stop in the Germany Pavilion
  3. Tomorrowland Speedway - I have yet to experience this one with Noah.  I was pregnant last time, but hopefully he'll still enjoy it as much.  He still asks to drive the orange car!
  4. Mad Tea Party Tea Cups - Starting at 18 months, this was a ride more-than-once attraction!
  5. Being with Friends - Both real and costumed, Noah loved meeting Pluto and dancing with Goofy, but he also loved visiting with my best friend's daughter, Piper!  They ran around like old friends, though they hadn't seen each other since they were babies.

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