Monday, December 10, 2012

Celebrating Chanuka!

I've never thought about going to Walt Disney World to celebrate the holidays.  I've been before after Thanksgiving and around Christmastime, but I've never really thought much about going then - so crowded and, since we don't celebrate Christmas, I never really thought about it being for our family.

Epcot is great for the holidays, as I'm learning more and more thanks to youtube.  With the Holidays Around the World, you can experience many different holidays as they would be celebrated in the different countries represented.

Saturday night, in honor of the 1st night of Chanuka, someone posted a video of the Voices of .Liberty, the a cappella singing group in the America Pavilion, singing a Chanuka medley, I realized there is a little bit of Chanuka celebrated, too!

And, as I continued to search you tube, I came across this beautiful telling of the Chanuka story, also in the American Adventure:

She is so full of life and energy - I hope to someday see this story and to sit down to play dreidel!

For all celebrating this week, hope you're having a wonderful time with your family and friends and enjoying some latkes!

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