Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Details

When it comes to just about everything, Walt Disney World (Disney in general, really) is all about the details.

From the Windows on Main Street to floors of The Grand Floridian, just about everything is there for a specific reason.

At Christmastime, the colors change everywhere.  The Dapper Dans, Main Street U.S.A.'s very own barbershop quartet changes from their varied colors to red and green.

Not at Christmas
The Mickey on the outside of the train station - past the turnstiles, but not underneath the train station - changes from brightly colored flowers to red flowers - looking like a large Mickey ornament!
Christmas Ornament Mickey
The rest of the year
There are the obvious decorations all around the parks - that if you're like me and watch every special about Disney possible, you've seen that it takes hours, days, weeks, months to plan and that people work through the night to decorate the park.  Store windows are changed for the holidays, stories around the World Showcase share the holidays of different cultures.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, if you're celebrating!  

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