Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Showing Your Spirit

I have a confession:

I have nothing Disney-related on my car.

Not without trying, though.  Last January on our marathon weekend trip, we bought 2 magnetic decals - mickey-ear shapes with 13.1 inside, representing our runDisney love.
available online at

We happily displayed them on our cars.. until one by one, they disappeared.  Did they fall off?    Were they pilfered?  I don't know.

During that same trip, I also purchased a Mickey outline-car sticker.  Just a nice silver mickey-head.  I loved  it and planned to do a giveaway with it.  But, after our 2 13.1 magnets disappeared, I kept it for myself and decided to use that instead.

That was, until I went through a carwash and it fell off! 

My next try?  On the way to school one day, Noah wanted to wear a pair of Mouse ears.  He looks cute in those ears, doesn't he?  Well, he kept them in the car and I stuck them in the back window.  But, they melted.  Whoops!

I'm not one for the family stick figures, but I do think they're adorable with mouse ears.  Maybe a "My other car is a monorail" decal, or another decal of some form or another.  Maybe if I ever actually become a Disney Travel Agent, I can make some custom decals from Signazon* for myself and for clients. 

Somehow or another, I need to get some Disney representation on my car (btw - neither of our cars have antennas, so the awesome collection of antenna toppers are a no-go).  

How do you represent your Disney love?

*This is a paid endorsement, and while I have never used Signazon, their products appear to be great!  


  1. I've lost several magnets in car washes! I have the Mickey outline window decal and it's nice. Ashley has the monorail one. :)

  2. I don't have any Disney on my car either. My car is a bit of a wreck at 22 years old and not 'dignified' enough for Disney. I will stick with wearing earrings, pins and scarves to show my Disney love.

  3. I HAD a princess crown antenna topper until yesterday. A chunk of ice flew off the top of the car taking my crown with it. It is somewhere along the interstate now :(. I guess I will have to go back to Disney and get another.