Monday, December 3, 2012

Tuesday Trivia!

Welcome back for another Tiggerific Tuesday filled with trivia!

Did you know:
Disney has always welcomed (and needed) corporate sponsors to bring in outside products into the park.  In 1955, Disneyland had a restaurant known as Casa de Fritos located at "New Orleans Street" and featured "The Frito Kid."  These sponsorships had a twofold purpose: 1. to help pay for Disneyland and 2. to sell Fritos!

Check out this great post from Imagineering Disney all about it!  

In light of a recent conversation I had about the upcoming Starbucks project, I thought this topic was appropriate!


  1. I think it's neat to see the partnerships.

  2. I used to love Fritos when I was a kid - I could have played that character, lol! Thanks for co-hosting this week!