Monday, January 28, 2013

1 Month to go!

I can't believe we are UNDER the one month mark!  

Since the 2 month mark, I've taken care of everything, minus being slightly behind in the running category.  The whole family getting sick did not make it easy to get out for some long runs.  But, that's okay!  We are expecting a warm front on Tuesday (60!?) for me to take advantage of and run a 9 mile run... maybe I'll push it to 10, but my plan is 9 Tuesday, 11 the week after, 13 the following, 6/7 the week after, then BOOM! Race weekend!

So, what's left for the final month of to-dos?

  1. Mentally prepare outfits - this goes for me and the boys and our race gear.  Our first race trip, I didn't pack my running team shirt and wore my husbands.  Whoops!
  2. Start packing warm weather clothes clothes - I know we won't be needing shorts and t-shirts here before our trip!
    1. I plan to put the boys clothes in outfits in ziplocks - great for carry-ons and in park bags for back up!  
    2. Find our shorts or buy new as needed!
    3. Find/buy new top rated sunscreen!
  3. Make activity kits for the flight
    1. Coloring books, maybe some more Color Wonder, toys - things to keep 2 little boys entertained for 3 hours!
    2. Download more interactive books for my phone and tablet!
  4. Check weather forecast daily!  Average high's in the 80's and the lows in the 40's!!  Sounds like layers!
  5. Buy tickets - back in my Florida Resident days, I would buy at the gate, but now that I'm military, I buy our tickets at our military ticket booth on post.. deals plus tax-free.  
  6. Listen to parks music, watch you-tube, and get excited.  As if I wasn't already :)
What do you do in the last month before a trip?

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