Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5 New to Me!

Last week, I shared 10 new attractions/restaurants/resorts at Walt Disney World that have opened since my last trip in January 2012.

Now, I'm excited to share 5 experiences that will be new to me on our upcoming trip!

  1. We're staying at Old Key West!! This will be both my first time staying DVC and first time visiting OKW!
  2. Enjoying a resort campfire!  Old Key West is scheduled to have one while we're there, but we might stop by the one at...
  3. Disney's Fort Wilderness is on my must-see for the next trip.  And theWilderness Lodge.  In my mind, they're close, but I think it might be harder than expected to see them both.. I'll find out and report back!
  4. After many recommendations, we're eating at O'hana!  A favorite to many, O'hana at Disney's Polynesian is known for a great character breakfast and a family style dinner.  I'm excited to try it!
  5. First trip with two children!  I'm so excited for my little guy to experience Walt Disney World for the first time.  I'm slightly afraid he's going to flip out with the characters (I'll explain in a later post), but I'm hopeful he'll enjoy the parks as much as Noah did his first trip!  Or, at the very least, be peaceful!
What new experiences do you hope to do on your next trip?


  1. I went to Fort Wilderness for the Campfire Sing-A-Long and movie a few trips ago, really enjoyed it!
    If you take the boat from MK to Fort Wilderness, the next stop if Wilderness Lodge. Be prepared when the movie is over to find your way back to either MK (by boat) or bus back to the main lot at Fort Wilderness. It can be confusing in the dark - check with Disney transportation (by phone at the hotel) for info.

  2. We love 'Ohana's! For the characters, Joey and Hayley were never afraid of them at your little guy's age, but Emily was. Now luckily, all three love all the characters. Last trip was the first time I have character photos with all the kids in them! :-)

  3. 400 Miles to DisneylandFebruary 3, 2013 at 2:06 AM

    Looking forward to hearing a review of traveling to Disney with 2 kids! I only have one so I'm curious to know how it goes with more than one kid!