Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Going Back

**I was originally supposed to be part of Today's Magical Blogorail Loop, but messed up and had to be edited out.  For more posts on this topic, follow the loop at the bottom to see what everyone had to say!**

It can be hard to explain to non-Disney-philes why we continue to return to Disney year after year.  Honestly, it can be hard to put into words what the draw is.  I return to Disney for the feelings.  And, I luckily married a man who enjoys the parks (on a different level) and doesn't complain when I ask when our next trip is!  

In college, my friends and I ran the parks like they were in our own back yard.  We had our own routine, counterclockwise, and did as much as we could cram into one day.  But, the magic always started before we entered the park.  It started on the drive in - seeing "Osceola Pkwy" exit from the Florida Turnpike.

The magic continues in the car when we drive underneath the Welcome to Walt Disney World sign. 
You know you love it

The feeling of driving into the TTC and walking up to the Monorail
I love seeing the Train Station and seeing the welcome show if I'm up in time...

I love the magic that I feel when I'm walking down Main Street U.S.A. and I love sharing it with my boys.

For as long as we continue to feel that magic - that excitement - we'll be returning as much as possible!

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  1. Jennifer! I LOVE this post. A little sad you were edited out of our loop this morning. I feel the magic in the pit of my stomach during every part of my Disney trip. It's a little something that tells us, "THIS is special."

    Rosanne @ The Disney Point