Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy for the Help!

Our past four trips have been with my husband, myself, and our now 3 year old son, Noah.  There have been days where we've been there with friends or my parents, but even on our own, a 2:1 ratio is pretty easy in navigating the parks.  Plus, though he was running at 25 months, he's had a year to gain speed!
January 2012

For our upcoming trip, we'll be there for our first trip with 2 kids!  Maybe that seems obvious - 1:1.  But, ordering/getting food, restroom breaks, ride swap - we'll be 2:1.  And, Noah is a standard 3 year old boy - lots of energy and the desire to do as he pleases (the Doctors like to call this "independence").  

We recently went to the local Air and Space Museum and he ran all over the place with my husband close behind.  He darts out in front of people, pulls out of our grip while we're holding hands - if he can scare me with 1,000 people around, how crazy is it going to be with 30,000 people!?  

Luckily, we have help!  My in-laws are joining us!  Good for them, my touring pace has drastically slowed since I had children, but I think they're in for a good bit of walking and chasing!

Our plan is to have a double stroller - park it as needed to let Noah walk like the big kid he is and I'll use my sling/wrap/ergo (I haven't decided yet) once it's parked and demand on hand holding.

In case we get separated:
  • We'll be stocked up on Safety Tats!  N will definitely have one on ever day!
  • Point out cast members and how to recognize them
  • Never, ever look away.  Is that possible?
What are your tips and tricks for traveling with multiple children?  This will be our first big trip!


  1. We still out number the kids with the two families combined, but only by one adult. A child is assigned to an adult in the morning, we tell that child that they are responsible for the adult so the adult does not get lost. This makes them feel in control and also not every adult is trying to look after three kids, just one. The one adult that does not have a kid assigned that day is the one who keeps track of the whole group, no one else usually wants that job so it falls on me, which I am ok with.

  2. Sounds like a fun trip! I am sure Noah will be the perfect little gentleman and never ever try to run away.
    If you never look away, how will you see anything???