Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Questions from a Friend..

As you all may know, I love talking Disney.  Crazy thought, right?  Knowing that, I often have coworkers asking for advice before trips.  Sometimes I'm asked before they start planning, sometimes I'm asked questions days before they leave.

My most recent series of questions come from a coworker taking her 2 children, ages 4 and 5, for their first trip... next week.

Question 1:
Can we bring a backpack with our own food and water into the park?

Of course!  There is a check point in which all bags will be searched before entering the parks, but it is an easy step, though can lead to a few minutes longer of a wait during busier times of year or the day.

As for food and water - yes, outside food is allowed.  I don't recommend bringing a lot of heavy items (b/c I wouldn't want to deal with them), but it's always good to bring snacks or even pb&j.  As for the water, you can get free ice water from almost any counter service location.  If they have ice and fountain drinks, you can easily ask for ice water.  And don't feel bad.  They're charging everyone else $5 for a soda that costs them about 10 cents, not to mention how much you're paying to enter the parks!

Question 2:
Do you think since we have 4 days we should do one day in each park?

Note: These are my coworkers that have access to the military park hopper that includes parkhopper option or offers it for a minimal charge.

I absolutely think the park hopper is a great option, especially with 4 days.  Why?  Because if I'm there for 4 days, I don't necessarily want to skip a park, but, I don't only want to do the Magic Kingdom once.   And, with that said, I usually like to go to Epcot multiple times for meals (they do have the best options!).

My standard day looks like this:

Arrive 30 minutes before rope drop at whichever park has morning extra magic hours *when I'm staying on property* OR 30 minutes before rope drop at the recommended park from Touring Plans if I'm staying off property.

Enjoy the park until lunch.  Eat lunch their or elsewhere and leave park to return to room shortly after lunch (or eat lunch at the room if that's the case!).  Take an hour or so break and head back to the same park, or to a different one depending on things such as park hours, dining reservations, crowds.

Take park hours into consideration: Animal Kingdom usually closes at 5 p.m. while the Magic Kingdom and Epcot stay open until 9.  You could have 4 more hours of park time, even more if you're taking use of evening Extra Magic Hours.

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  1. Yes you can bring your own drinks (non-alcoholic) into the parks but remember no glass bottles!